Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1.19.16 - Collection Update

Just a tiny update as I recieved some Yamato goodies in the mail recently. I want to give a shout out to Shan, who helped me get most of it. :) Thanks, man.

(Ignore poor BAB Derpy, she wouldn't fit on my other shelves~) I'm in the middle of moving, too, so things are kind of a mess, BUT, the bath Gabumon plush at the bottom is my new addition. You can see the larger version on the top right. :) These are super cute!
I was super excited to win Shan's auction for these magnets! I think I paid $40 for them or more and they were exclusive to the UK, I believe.

Lastly is this bag I got from Australia. It's cute and the strap is super adjustable! Not much more than what you see. I believe it only has the single large pocket. It's velcro. You can use it as a large handbag or a shoulder bag.

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