Friday, August 28, 2015

8.28.15 - Collection update, Yamato featured in Tri plot summary, and Crest keychains released

Hey all,
any of you who preordered the crest keychain set will be looking forward to them coming in the mail soon! Unfortunetly, to obtain Yamato, you need to buy a full set of eight or hop onto auctions, but the whole set is pretty worth it. I'll post pics when I get mine with a more detailed description!
Also, in some Tri related news, (via WtW) I'm pleased to announce that the director of the series stated "I watched the first Adventure series to prepare myself and get a better grip on the characters’ personalities..." which makes me happy. However, he also talks about the kids (obviously) thinking more like high schoolers and the tribulations that come with, as well as the meanings of "tri" that will flow through the six films. I like that rewatching the series will reveal different connections... but I become more worried about a crappy love triangle plot with each passing minute.
To get away from that horrible feeling, there was also a small summary in the magazine scan that talked about Yamato, slightly:
"Taichi works up a sweat at soccer club while worrying about what to do for his future. Yamato gets ready to perform a live concert. Each of them live out their ordinary lives in their individual places, but mysterious events begin to occur throughout town. Then one day, when they look up at the Odaiba sky, they see…" (Translation by Onkei)
This ties into more of what the Tri. director said about portraying Taichi and Yamato's friendship and how their different interests parted them, but when they see each other all those old feelings come back.
Next, I have a tiny collection update thanks to my fellow Yamato collector, Em.
This washcloth is apparently some sort of UK exclusive. I've been after it awhile!

Next up is this beanie. Another unique item that's apparently official US merchandise.. At least Yamato's hair isn't flipped. Not the best quality, obviously.

Finally, I recieved my Animedia poster from the seller on Ebay (yellowmagic) I always go to (the first poster featuring Tri. artwork). I don't have a frame yet, but it's the same size as previously mentioned Otomedia posters, so at least I won't have to worry about any size differences. Notable things about Yamato include that he is holding his original digivice. Aside several re-released merchandise Digivices, including Yamato's signature blue one, this is some of the first Tri. media showing the original Digivice (maybe outside the trailers. It's been too long since I've watched them).

As always, I love to hear how your collections (even if they aren't Yamato related) are going! I'm happy to link your site in my Links section, so feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email!
I'll update again once I get my deputy package, in October/December, unless other noteworthy stuff comes up (well, duh Tri will be out by then... so, check back)!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

8.22.15 - DigiFes Merch appearing?

Some merchandise has started to show up on Y!JP. I can't post the link here as my collector community is bidding, but I did update the How to Shop Guide with more search terms! Good luck and hopefully this is a good sign that more merchandise will be appearing on auction sites!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

8.22.15 - Collection Update + New Collector Site Added

Hey all. I have a mail post today. First off is the US Matt and TK figures, MIB (well, the bubble was popped but I repaired it). I'm glad to finally add this to my two loose variants of Matt. That karate chop action, yo. Matt's temper in all its glory. My only peeve here is on the sticker inside Matt's hair (well, image) is flipped. The US doesn't find those things important. Sigh.

Next I got these stamps. Not sure where they are from but they use Japanese names and I bought them from an AUS seller. (Koushiros name is notably butchered. Could be a typo).  The seller listed them as (philately?) Cinderella stamps; fantasy based stamps not issued by a government body but still collectible. Pretty cool.
Also of note, I have added a Togemon collector's site to our Links. Give her a check out, its a pretty rad site!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

8.29.15 - New UFO / Crane plush keychain: Gabumon

So, Bandai posted new crane game plush on their plush site (here), due out mid September. I'm not super excited (okay, that Goma!) But only because we already had Agumon, Patamon, and Gabumon in the last lot. I'd rather see more human characters.

Look for these on Yahoo! Japan about a week after release. Will probably run you 1500 yen each or less.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A few more FES items appearing - 8.17.15

Some more merchandise popped up over at Premium Bandai, including the mesh cap of the Omegamon emblem, previously only availible at DigiFes/Toei's webshop in the visor version. The cap costs around $30 USD and will be availible for preorder until next Monday, the 24th! There are also other items like wristbands, totes, Taichi-related apparel, all availible. No word on the standees on either site or Y!JP.
I also added a few more search terms to the How to Shop page.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8.9.15 - Collection Update

Wanted to share a small collection update. These are two items that were on my wish list for awhile now!
The first is the Blue Digivice Clip. These semitransparent clips were released with the Action Feature line in the US (and as far as I'm aware were never made in Japan). I tried to find out what set these came with as a kid and researched recently to no avail. I found a prototype Patamon that had a blue/teal button model, but never the blue/white. Lo and behold someone puts it up on eBay with a Zudomon figure (YamatoxJyou strikes again). No, this clip wasn't released with Zudomon, either.
Next is a MIB set of the US release of Matt and TK action figures. Not particularly rare but at a decent price so I couldn't pass these up despite owning the regular and TRU variants already. The biggest prize here is probably the sticker. I never see these loose.
My deputy will be paid by the end of September, so I'll be making a larger update then. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

8.7.15 - Yamato DAF2015 Can Badge is up

So, my hunt for the DigiFes items has still been a complete bust, even with Y!JP. I noticed the phone cases went up, but the badges must have glazed me over (there's so many!). Anyway, the preorder for these ends on August 19th, so get them while you can!

Here is Yamato's.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8.3.15 - Updated "How to Shop" Page with DigiFes Terminology + DigiFes Event is online!

Just a quick note. I added some of the DigiFes (DAF2015) terminology to the "How to Shop" page. Hopefully this will aid in finding the merchandise.. I haven't had ANY luck yet. I'll keep checking the Toei / PB shops and update when I can.

Update 2: We now have a full stream of the DigiFes event (from what I can tell, no subs though) but it does include ticket-holder exclusive stuff.

 Source: WiththeWill

Monday, August 3, 2015

8.2.15 - Interview with Yoshimasa Hosoya / Page Update

Just thought I would drop this here. Has some interviews with actors/actresses that didn't make it to the event, including a very lively Yoshimasa Hosoya who is our new Yamato Ishida.

Also, I have been compiling this for some time and it still isn't complete, but I've added my "Who is Yamato Ishida?" page to the site. It's very thorough detailing clothes, objects, family, cameo appearances, tri, ect. all into one page. Please take a look!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

8.1.15 - Happy Odaiba Memorial Day! Updates + New PV

So, I'm sure you've all seen the PV by now. Not much new regarding Yamato, although we did get a really nice poster.
In the actual PV, Yamato shows up a few times. Nothing new here. I like how bright his eyes are but I still am getting used to the design, haha.

In other news, I made a huge site update after connecting with some more Yamato collectors. You can find their Links in my FAQ section! (As well as a site button, if you'd like to link this blog!)

I've also added the following items:
  • Yamato Washcloth
  • Yamato Spiral Notebook
  • Yamato Gift Card
  • Yamato Settei 
  • Yamato / Gabumon Line Zero Two Magnets
  • Garurumon Cup
  • Peruvian Coca Cola Promotional Cards
  • Yamato Pinball Party Favor
  • Gabumon Japanese Game Peices
  • 15th Anniversary Clear File, Yamato / Gabumon
  • Takeru Takaishi Walkie Talkie
  • Yamato stickers / temporary tattoo