Monday, June 22, 2015

6.22.15 - Charatch Mystery Item

The mystery item retailing for around $100 was revealed to be a Digimon watch with interchangable plates. These plates resemble the Digivice and come in all 8 Chosen colors.

Generally opinion is the thing looks too clunky/geeky to be worth the cost, so this is a pass for me as well; although I would love to find just the Yamato faceplate down the road.

Otherwise, news will probably be slow until August.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

6.18.15 - New UFO catcher, DigiFes, and other items

Over the last few weeks a few items have popped up, including:
  • A new Gabumon Crane Plush Prize / UFO Catcher (Don't expect these to be horribly expensive on Y!JP. Released alongside a few Agumon prizes)
  • New plastic lanyards featuring the children/crests. (They were for preorder on AmiAmi).
  • The line with Punimon/Tsunomon/Gabumon mini-figures, releasing in September, went up for preorder for around $45 USD. 
  • A "mystery prize"! costing around $100 USD was put up on Bandai Premium (or was it Toei Webshop?) No word on what it is. Some guesses include Taichi's Goggles or one of the other kids' Digivices. I'm betting it's a D-3, with how they have been pushing Zero Two lately. I would like to jump in on this, but preorders end in July-- not sure if I'll have the money.
  • Also, another "mystery prize" will be given out to attendees of DigiFes. First of all, you order a ticket (you need a Japanese address), then hope you get lucky enough to attend via raffle. At the event you get a random gift. Again, no idea what it is, but I bet you anything something Yamato oriented will be there. Not looking forward to dropping money on this, let me tell you.
Also remember that the 15th Anniversary Crest/Tags are released this month! :D Just in time for all those winter cosplays.

I'm working mostly on my doujinshi section of this site for now as I don't expect much merch until DigiFes on August 1st.