Friday, November 27, 2015

11.27.15 - New Yamato / Garurumon GEM and new cafe charms~

AmiAmi has the Memo/Magnet set!

Also, this image has been going around. It's in the GEM line and probably will retail around $80-$100 USD like the Takeru/Hikari ones. Not sure if if will be PB exclusive but I imagine Crunchyroll and DenDen Hobby will get them too. If I had to guess it will go up in early 2016.

Also, thanks to Jess over at my group on Facebook, she found these exclusive cafe charms. They're random like gashapon and obviously exclusive to Japan, so if you're gonna track these down you may be scouring Y!JP auctions.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

11.26.15 - Knife of Day shirts back in stock; new merch on CDJapan

The Knife of Day shirts are back in stock (here is the new link) on Premium Bandai Shop. They can be reserved until 12/12!

To celebrate, Taichi and Yamato's seiyuu dressed up:

Also, CDJapan has popped up with some new merchandise using the previous digitama art from Toei's Webshop items. I expect AmiAmi will get these, too.

Memo Pad / Magnet Set, 700 yen each (CDJapan link)

Happy Thanksgiving~~!

Monday, November 23, 2015

11.23.15 - Knife of Day almost sold out

Previously discussed Knife of Day shirt is sold out in black. White is still availible for the time being (so if you want one, maybe jump on it). I'm confident PB will restock, considering there's nothing discussing limited availability or preorder windows... Here's hoping for a restock.

Will update when/if black is back in stock!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

11.22.15 - Tri booklet scans

 Some scans of the Tri. theatre booklet are on the internet. These two feature Yamato's design and his harmonica prints (they appear identical to the Adventure ones, for obvious reasons). There may be more info in these but it hasn't been translated yet. I ran it through a translator and got the following:

 Lists Yamato's name and his seiyuu. The paragraph says stuff we've pretty much seen elsewhere. Yamato's enrolled in the class next to Taichi. Yamato seems cool at first glance and gets straight to the point. He has continued his band activities since junior high. His opinions often clash with Taichi. Yamato is in charge of vocals and bass for the band.
 For the harmonica section it reads (more or less): Harmonica: Blues harp fans know from when Yamato was young. Gabumon loves the tone. Yamato plays (well) when he is pensive.

Source: WtW

Saturday, November 21, 2015

11.21.15 - More exclusive merch found

While on Y!JP, I found more exclusive items that have been released in the cafes but not announced elsewhere.

A can badge for the Ikebukuro screening (listed as Sega Lottery Prize):
 A can badge from the Animate Cafe:

A mini clear file you can get at theatre screenings:

11.20.15 - 320 Tri. screenshots for you Yamato fans~

I've just uploaded all of my screencaptures from Episode 1 of Tri. Please, please don't use these without linking back to my album in some form. These took a long time to capture/upload.

Check them out here~

11.21.15 - Tri, Tri part 2, Smart Edit Mook, AmiAmi, and other stuff

I'm assuming you've all seen Tri. Episode 1? I have to say I am pleasantly happy with it. (I'll post a review down the line, once I've had time to let it sink in. If I had to go off first impressions, I would give it an 8/10) Over the next day or so I'll be updating my About Yamato page with snippets here and there from Tri.

Also, Episode 2 is up for preorder on The cover is said to feature Mimi, Jyou, and their Mega evolutions, as well as Imperialdramon. This edition also includes a poster like last time, but no image has been shown yet that I'm aware of. Episode 2 will air in Japan in March and be released in April.

The previously discussed mook (magazine book) by Smart Edit shows a bunch of the merchandise associated with Tri. Crunchyroll updated with some better images:

Next up is AmiAmi has the microfiber cloth and clear file mentioned in this post availible for around 500-700 yen each. The chibi can badge sets can also be ordered for 2040 per set.

I'll be updating later today with screenshots and information from Tri! Stay tuned~
A bonus. Screenshot of one of the Digimon cafes:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

11.19.15 - Tri airing in the US / New merchandise on P-Bandai

I was having a pretty bad day, but two particular pieces of news made me feel a lot better! First up, the US is getting Tri., subbed, tomorrow (11/20) on Crunchyroll! The service is about $8 a month in the US and it should air subtitled.

Next up is some more merchandise on P-Bandai. Previously discussed logo for Yamato's band (teased as: The listing also references and asks what KOD (Knife of Day) is and mentions you'll have to go to the theater to find it.) Source: WtW

The shirt costs 3780 Yen (about $30 USD). I looked for a preorder window, but there wasn't one listed I could find. The shirt comes in black and white and sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Japanese sizes tend to run small, so you may want to get a size up from your normal shirt size.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11.18.15 - More new merch appears on HobbyStock! (And AmiAmi)

Some new merchandise appeared on HobbyStock. It's all for tri (but whose complaining)? Unfortunetly I'm late to the game here. The can badges are listed as "stock is becoming low", basically, but the other 2 items are pre-order, it appears. Also, I'm pretty confident this stuff will show up on sites like AmiAmi (since other items like the stickers and keychains recently appeared!), so maybe patience is a virtue, considering I know most of us Digi-fans are pretty broke! Anyway, onto the merchandise!

Tri Chibi Can Badge Set (See the Digimon set here) God I want this Yamato badge so much. It's too cute! I've only pictured Yamato here, but it's a set of the 8 children.
This one says it is availible for order for 2400 yen. Release date: November

Yamato and Gabumon Microfiber Towel
The other 8 children are availible. Product is listed for Reservations for 648 yen. Release date: January

Yamato and Gabumon Clear File
The other 8 children are availible. Product is listed for Reservations for 648 yen. Release date: January

Also, a tiny side note, but the Crest Metal Charms are up for preorder on Toei's shop. They ship in March.

EDIT: The previously announced pouches are on AmiAmi!

Gabumon Pouch - 2140 Yen
Gabumon Smartphone Cover - 3170 Yen
Gabumon IC Card Case - 1360 Yen

As always guys, I'll keep you up to date on any Yamato info. Please check back!

11.18.15 - New interviews with voice actors on official site!

This is a quick translation using Chrome and my own intuition, so take it with a grain of salt. If you do decide to use this, please credit me. The original page is located here.

Yoshimasa Hosoya (Voice of Yamato Ishida)
1. For the character you played your own
When I decided to audition for Yamato, I thought a lot of the things, like the fact that Adventure (Yamato?) is loved by many people. At the same time, I thought of the image of "Digimon" in the eyes of the fans, there was also fear that. The character has been redesigned from the previous series.
Nozomi intentionally put without discomfort. (?)

2. What was it like during recording?
Fans had grown to love the original voices, so I kept that in mind. When we worked with our partner Digimon (actors) we gave our best effort!

3. "Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1," Reunion, "" Here I want to see! (Maybe, what scenes are you excited about?)
The Chosen Children and Digimon our reunion scene.
If fans from the old days, begin to see this anew and it was what they expected, I would be very happy.

4. Please give a message to the fans.
I am pleased with meeting the expectations of everyone.
For every Digimon fan, we don't want to disappoint them, and so we'll try hard, so you can enjoy as a new "Digimon" works, thank you future best regards!

Mayumi Yamaguchi (Voice of Gabumon)
1. How did you feel when they told you about a sequel to "Digimon Adventure"?
It brought up a lot of old feelings.
I was surprised when I heard there was a sequel and that I would be reprising my role.
However, I didn't feel anxious or nervous while portraying Gabumon.
After the evolution scene, it felt amazing!

2. What was it like during recording?
The dubbing process is a little different than it was fifteen years ago. 
(Not sure about this part:
Wow I wonder I have interest and ~. And we aunt who had bloom (laughs the water cooler
- I was also eating Monjya from over)

3. "Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1," Reunion, "" Here I want to see! (Maybe, what scenes are you excited about?)
The moment when the Butter-Fly flows in the opening, I was filled with excitement!
All the nostalgia came back in an instant and I notice also that something is exciting again. Many are sensitive to the greatness of the Butter-Fly, which implies expectations.

4. Please give a message to the fans.
I'm pleased that this or any "renunion" was possible! It is a pleasure now or for any adventure.
I hope we can enjoy it together!

11.18.15 - New Gabumon merch appears on HobbyStock

Some new merchandise appeared on HobbyStock. It features the Digimon.

Gabumon Mini Pouch - 2678 Yen (for one pouch); the site says Backordered but there is no set reservation period, so perhaps it hasn't started yet. These ship in February.

Gabumon Smartphone Cover - 3698 Yen (for one slipcover). Site details: "The back surface can be installed only flat smartphone. ■ Material: PC, PU ■ measure of smartphone dimensions compatible with the present product: - about 140 × width 70 × thickness 10mm to the height camera position from the back top to the bottom is about 37mm lens (the bottom of the camera there is a flash smartphone until flash the lower will be the 37mm)"

Gabumon IC Card Case - 1706 Yen (per one case).

I probably won't be updating about these, so check back on the website if interested!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

11.16.15 - Yamato's band's name? New book featuring interview and new merchandise

This photo just linked on tumblr. It's some kind of book featuring interviews with the voice actors of Taichi and Yamato, along with some tri. info. Also, there are some bonuses included: new art on a double-sided poster, an agumon pouch, and some stickers.
I had forgotten to mention the Knife of Day logo, since it was shown at the theatre event for tri. I suspected then it was the name of Yamato's band and I'm about 99% certain now. I'm adding this in the tags section in case of future CD/ CD Drama releases.

The book mentioned above is 2000 yen (about $18 USD) and can be ordered here with a deputy service.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

11.14.16 - Animate Coasters

The Animate Cafe in Ikibukuro also has these coasters:

Also, there's a commercial that aired that may contain new footage. Will update asap.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

11.12.15 - New Animate Cafe drinks, bookmarks, and dishes!

I know, another update so soon. This is to cover some very Japan-only merch. We've previously discussed the Animate Cafe exclusive merchandise, but they are also serving themed food and drinks (on that note, I've been heavily updating the About Yamato Ishida page, go check it out!)

Yamato's "garlic fried rice"

Gabumon's drink: "blue curaƧao syrup, whitewater drink, whipped cream, cone-shaped chocolate"  
In other news, there are also some bookmarks. Yamato is featured on one with Taichi and there are two secrets:
As always, check back for updates!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11.11.16 - Some new screenshots, posters, and more exclusives!

Alrighty, a lot of news these past few days yall.

First up are some more exclusives! These are exclusively at the Animate Cafe in Japan, but considering it's Animate, they may release leftovers in their online shop as web-exclusives. You know me, I'll update once we know anything! FYI, the items are more can badges, keychains, and a clear file.

Next up is a long list in the line of posters (and man, I'm lagging behind so hard on these releases.. I gotta catch up).

Animedia (interesting note, Yamato's cooking skills are still canon)

Otomedia (yep, seems like a staple now. Maybe I should import a subscription lol) Also, my favorite thing about this one; Yamato and Takeru's scarves match.

Newtype (no better scan as of yet, this was or only shot of Yamato's new band until...)

 Things important to note are that Yamato's bass appears the same model, IMO, when I previously heard of him using a new model. It could be an animation error, but in the picture with Takeru, the Competion Stripes are missing. Also, we finally see Yamato's new band members. No names ect. as of yet, but he has switched to a drummer and two guitarists in lieu of the keyboardist.

Also to end all this amazingness on an even better note, NicoNico is doing another stream the day before the blu-ray launch and will reveal info on Tri Episode 2!

EDIT: I updated my "About Yamato" page with the new tri images/information, including posters. I've also added more about his band for present and past. I'm hoping to complete his "attire" section in the next week!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

11.08.15 - Previous "exclusive" goods up for preorder / sign board exclusives / New tag/crest diecast charms coming soon

First up, new exclusive sign boards were announced. People can purchase these at the theatre screenings of Digimon Adventure Tri ~reunion~ in Japan during certain weeks. If any of you went to the Madoka Magica screenings in the United States, they handed out similar signboards at random. Here's hoping we get these in the US if, say, Alamo Drafthouse does Tri. screenings? A girl can dream! Here are the Yamato-relevant ones. (Source: WtW)
Week 2:
Week 3:

On the brighter side, some of the previously listed as exclusive goods have come up for preorder:

Tri Yamato/Gabumon Pill Case Tin
Gabumon Bottle Charm

This part is a bit trickier. These will be via pickup by a company in Japan. Some of the items are pretty pricey, but they include:
Signboards Vol. 1, Vol. 2 ($50 each)
Can Badges (random sets of 4!, no way to tell, $24 per set of 4)
POP Stands, Pouches ($16 each)
Bottle Charms (I reccomend AmiAmi instead).

Next, somewhere along the way I missed this sticker. AmiAmi has it up for 864 yen:
Next, these diecast phone charms were announced. The set is 4000 yen and comes out in Marc 2016.

On a side note, it was my bday, so I am glad I found time to update! Til next time and as always I'll update when I know more.