Saturday, January 30, 2016

1.30.16 - Site Updates, GEM Virus Gabumon update

Megahouse tweeted this picture for the upcoming WonFes (Wonder Festival) event:

Thanks to Lark for the link!

Most of the new site is ready (at least, Yamato's section is complete). I am holding off until I get my deputy package for the year, as well as some last-minute ebay stuff before I update.

Friday, January 29, 2016

1.29.16 - More Site Updates

Hey guys.
Most of you know I'm about to move (and the collection part of this site is being transferred to the link above for convenience), so updates may be a bit slow. If something major comes up, I'll still post it though. It's just until Tri. Episode 2 comes out, it may be slow going.

Yamato's section of the new site is nearly complete. I'll also be posting about my custom Figma soon.

Stay tuned ~

Monday, January 25, 2016

1.25.16 - Site Maintenance

There will be some downtime on some pages, namely my collection pages, until my site is completed it's revamp. This is to ensure it's easier for you all to navigate! All of the contact, how to shop guide, and other important pages should already be in place and most of them remain at their old URLs for you to use.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

1.21.16 - Virus Gabumon up for preorder!

I wasn't going to really cover this much as technically Yamato has never had a Virus Gabumon, but I figure it would be useful to note that Den Den Hobby has the limited Agu/Gabu set for preorder. They were only availible at Jump Festa, IIRC, and will be up on the Premium Bandai website for a short while next month. These are very limited. They'll run you around $30 on DenDen until they raise their prices.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1.20.16 - Knife of Day Shirt up for 3rd pressing~

I'm unsure if it's a real third pressing or leftovers or what, but the black Knife of Day shirts have some stock on Premium Bandai.

You can use a deputy and snag them for 3780 yen ($32 USD).

1.20.16 - CSA (Complete Selection Animation) Digivice unboxing and comparison

So, before I share this with you, let me say this half-review is late because my local postal carrier service is so messed up since December. TLDR; It's been sitting in my apartment's office for two weeks with no notification/having picked up other packages. ;__;

A quick note for the videos in this post. If you use Firefox like me you may not be able to view them. Switch to Chrome~

Now, here's how it looks once I opened my package from DenDenHobby~

The strap I traded to a friend, so I'm not opening it. There's a stock photo of what it looks like:

Now, the unboxing. I've heard the box was very nice and it is. I'm not big on packaging but it has almost a matte (>.>;) finish. The box includes a post card (which I'm considering selling/trading at this time).

Now for the videos:
This first video covers the Digivice activating (when you switch it to ON).

Gabumon voice clip. It plays when you select him with the left button:

This video covers all of Gabumon's sayings. I've listed the translations below. It also covers Gabumon evolving to Garurumon and part of Butterfly ~Tri. Version~. I'm not a huge fan of this version (my favorite is the ultra long 15th version). Let me say, you can really hear the seiyuu in these. It's really nice. Go Mayumi~ You're an amazing lady!
Petit Fire!
No matter what happens, I'm with you.
Let me hear you play your harmonica again.
KNIFE OF DAY? I love your music!

Gabumon to WereGarurumon. The colors really are amazing. I was under the impression they weren't that great, but they look better in person:

MetalGarurumon quite possibly being my favorite Digimon... here's his clip, too! The Digivice cycles through all the colors for warping. It's not just limited to Agumon and Gabumon, either. All the rookies have their megas (ultimates;JP) in this version, which is obvious considering they are in Tri:

The last clip is if you leave the Digivice idle long enough. Gabumon says, "Welcome back, Yamato." *feels*

Here's a bit of comparison on the size / detail to the original Digivice (Yamato color). I would compare it to the 15th, but mine is MIB and I'd rather not open it yet; plus there's not much difference between the originals and the 15th. As you can see the CSA has a bit more detail and is a bit bigger. They also run on different batteries. (The CSA runs on 2 AAAs).

Speaking of which, my remote was temporarily sacrificed for Digimon greatness:
Other notes about the CSA Digivice:
I love the look overall. It's a bit heftier than the 15th Anniversary edition. The inside, when it lights up during evolution, appears to light up some kind of inner mirror system where the Tri. evolution letters are engraved. The buttons are plastic (the original Japanese Digivice has rubber ones; unsure about the 15th). The outer part of the center is reflective like a mirror! I didn't expect that at all, since I'm used to the V-Pet screens. My only con to this item is that the Chosen/DigiDestined's voices aren't included and that this was aimed towards Tri. fans more than Adventure fans. However, I still reccomend it, especially for cosplay. It's not an item I'll probably keep in my collection as long as the others, but it's a very nice piece!

Easter eggs~ I found this video of me demonstrating the Gabumon Spinning Top toy from cereal boxes and my happy Garurumon on my Pendulum Zero:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1.19.16 - Custom Zero Two Yamato Ishida Figma

So, I've been wanting to dabble in custom figures forever. I'm tired of the lack of Zero Two and/or posable figures for the Chosen, and so I am going to make Yamato first (using 2 Figmas, some sculpt, and alot of paint). Here is my shitty photoshop mock-up. I'll be posting progress as I begin working, but since my move is coming up, this probably won't see progress until April. Sorry about that!

1.19.16 - Collection Update

Just a tiny update as I recieved some Yamato goodies in the mail recently. I want to give a shout out to Shan, who helped me get most of it. :) Thanks, man.

(Ignore poor BAB Derpy, she wouldn't fit on my other shelves~) I'm in the middle of moving, too, so things are kind of a mess, BUT, the bath Gabumon plush at the bottom is my new addition. You can see the larger version on the top right. :) These are super cute!
I was super excited to win Shan's auction for these magnets! I think I paid $40 for them or more and they were exclusive to the UK, I believe.

Lastly is this bag I got from Australia. It's cute and the strap is super adjustable! Not much more than what you see. I believe it only has the single large pocket. It's velcro. You can use it as a large handbag or a shoulder bag.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

1.17.16 - Valentine's Poster, February Otomedia Translated

Thanks to Kazarinn from Tumblr, we have a bit of information regarding Yamato from the new Valentine's poster:

Yamato Ishida
Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya
A second-year at Tsukishima Comprehensive High School. He’s active as the bassist and vocalist of his band. Right now, in regards to the Digimon incidents, there’s been some distance between him and the often indecisive Taichi.
How would Yamato spend Valentine’s Day?
“Feeling sorry for his divorced father, Hiroaki, busy at work, he might make whiskey bonbon as a present for his father. Of course, he’d make some for Takeru and his mother, Natsuko, as well.” (Producer Arai)
How would Yamato receive chocolate?
“It would probably be good to go to the studio where he’s having band practice and give it to him directly. Since he gets a lot of other chocolate, it might give a better, more distinct impression if you look into a CD he might like and give it to him with them.” (Producer Arai)

 Other profiles that mentioned Yamato:

How would Takeru spend Valentine’s Day?
“He’d take a look at the mountain of chocolate he’d receive at school with his brother, and then he’d bring it home and share it with his mother, Natsuko. He and Yamato would be smacking their lips at the homemade chocolate.” (Producer Arai)

How would Sora spend Valentine’s Day?
“She’d make a large amount of handmade chocolate for the Chosen Children and their Digimon. This year it’s absolutely essential for her to make some for the KNIFE OF DAY members, so in order to multiply her efforts she’d work hard with Piyomon to make them.” (Producer Arai)

Here are some details from the February issue of Otomedia:
Ayana (scenario writer): There’s a scene where they go to enjoy themselves at the bathhouse theme park, so we actually went to go location hunting and carefully observed how kids at their age would play around (haha). Taichi and Yamato had quite a bit of discussion between the two of them. Would they get in a fight with their words?
Kakihara (composition): While dragging along their awkward feelings from Part 1, even though everyone’s going off to have fun, we thought about how much distance Taichi and Yamato would have between them during that time.
Motonaga (director): It’s because they haven’t had as much time together since they’re in separate classes.
Ayana: We also decided that Yamato would be the only one in a different class from that discussion. Because there are many fans with a deep love for the characters, we have no intention of being irresponsible about this and disappointing them (haha).

Motonga: Yamato’s absorbed in his band right now, but somehow he’s going to become an astronaut in the future (haha).

If you could please tell everyone how each of the “Chosen Children” would spend their Valentine’s Day…
Motonaga: Yamato would probably be happy eating chocolate that he made for himself.

Also found this on Jippy's tumblr. As you all know, I loathe Sorato, but it has to be included. It's from the 2015 Otomedia December issue:
Christmas Is Coming Soon. What Are We Going To Do This Year? This Is Our Meeting (Otomedia December 2015)

What is Yamato’s Christmas present? Yamato will give Sora blue earmuffs. He might buy earmuffs of a similar colour to the hat Sora used to wear when she was an elementary school student.
What is Sora’s Christmas present? Sora will give Taichi a neck warmer to wear during soccer practice. Sora will give Yamato a pair of hand-knitted gloves, because she wants him to take care of his hands for bass playing.
What is Takeru’s Christmas present? Looking around second-hand record stores, Takeru will try to find an out-of-print record that Yamato has been seeking for a long time, and give it to him.

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Bandai Sega Prize plush - Tsunomon~

These were just revealed on the BPNavi page.  New Sega UFO prize plush! You will need a deputy service to get these from auction or select sites may carry them.

Tsunomon is in the Vol. 1 In Training / Child set:

1.15.16 - Tri V2 Trailer is out, more exclusive merch on the way, animate shop reminder

The Tri Episode 2 trailer is out. Part 3 is called Confession. Nothing Yamato related, but there is some merchandise news.

From With the Will:
"In the last portion of the video we get our first glimpse of the third Part of tri, now confirmed to be titled "Confession".
Most of the show consisted of fairly standard talk show content with the three VAs being very enthusiastic throughout.
In the next Part they presented various Digimon merchandise mostly the same that was already revealed within the last few weeks.
The next topic was "hot spring parks" and as it turns out there is an Onsen park in Odaiba and they are doing some special Digimon Adventure tri. themed Event where among other things limited edition merchandise will be sold.
While I didn't catch any definitive confirmation that this is the Onsen Park that will appear in tri. Part 2 it seems very likely.


Also, Premium Bandai has some new merchandise up (releasing in March) that features all 8 Chosen / Digimon.

Finally, if you wanted to preorder some of the Animate merch like the can badges, they are now availible to preorder through a deputy.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

1.14.16 - Garurumon GEM Final Update

Here's my last update guys!

If you're in the UK, Figuya is a good place:
If you're in the US, get him from Crunchyroll, it's the best deal you'll find but you gotta pay upfront.
If you're in the US, DenDen is a good option where you don't have to pay up front.
A third option, AnimeIsland.

Other news is a little slow, but we should have some live events streaming soon!
I'll probably make a collection update later today. ^^
Take care~

Monday, January 11, 2016

1.11.16 - Comiket 89 Items up for preorder in Feb

Just a quick note. Premium Bandai updated with the C89 items. I'm only covering the tote bag here. I thought this was going to be a "post it and sells out quick" sort of deal, but apparently not... or? The description says up to 3 per order... so these will sell out quick once they are up. It is confirmed "limited stock".

They retail just around $30 USD a set for the tote.

Good luck, maybe you'll have better luck than me!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

1.10.16 - Animate Cafe items on shop

Hey all.
Some of the Animate Cafe items are on the webshop (preorders aren't open, they open between later this month and March).

Since I've covered these items before, here's a quick list:
Agumon and Gabumon Teacup Charm Set - 600 yen
Adventure Can Badge Set (not garunteed full set) - 300 yen
Tri Can Badge Set (not garunteed full set) - 300 yen
Vending Machine Charms (random 1 of 16, there are 2 Gabumon in this set) - 300 yen

There are also some other items featuring the Crest of Friendship and some other previously released elsewhere merchandise.

Good luck out there collecting!

Friday, January 8, 2016

1.8.16 - Otomedia Feb Issue, FEBRI magazine, and a collection update

Hey all! With Tri. Part 2 approaching, there's lots of stuff out and about!

Can you guys believe it's been an entire year since they started putting out these Otomedia posters? LOL This is a preview of the Valentine's one for this year:
 This issue will include more fan-bait interviews, BUT if it's like last year we probably won't get a translation... :/ If anyone is willing to do some small spot translations for me, I have the original issue as well.
Also, you may or may not have heard about FEBRI Magazine's Vol. 32, which features Tri. I'm betting there is some Yamato and Hosoya related stuff, so I picked one up off of Mandarake.

Speaking of Mandarake... this also lead me to finding an insanely good deal. I've purchased from them before but never from their SAHRA Warehouse! Items are Spot-Sale, which means they are in-stock for you. I snagged the Koushiro GEM for a measely $75! Now all I need is Mimi for a complete set :3
I also have another small collection update!
This is one of those acrylic stands (I believe I covered the left image, the signboard keychains, already). They are beautiful and sturdy and I can see why they are trending in Japan!
These are images of a lot of gum wrappers I'm getting from a collector in Turkey. I think my favorite is Gabumon in the car!
Lastly.. it was Hell, but I finally won an auction for the tote bag/towel set! Just a reminder, these are limited to 300 only! I paid around $65 USD via Y!JP Auctions, almost double the retail~ Another reminder that these will be up on Premium Bandai but will sell out quickly. You may want to keep an eye out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

1.5.16 - Site updates

Hello all. I'll be instituting the use of a "review" tag and posting reviews of items in my collection. The set day for now will be Tuesday, but when I move in March I may change it depending on my schedule.

So expect my first product review later today. Here is a quick preview of my set up:

Title: What the item is with the english and kanji, if I have it.
Release Date: Release date of the original item.
Country: What countries got this item and any changes made.
Aesthetic: How cool the item looks.
Fun: How fun is it?
Packaging (if applicable): Is the packaging sturdy? Cool looking? May note changes between regions, here, too.
Notes: Anything else worth mentioning.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

1.2.16 - Happy New Year, NicoNico stream announced

Hey there guys. Happy New Year!

Just wanted to give a quick heads up that Toku Taku still has the Garurumon GEM if you still need to preorder. Otherwise, I would wait for DenDen or Crunchyroll.

Not much news, except there will be a new Tri. related stream coming soon (the 15th, IIRC). I'll post any details when we have them!

Now, some of you may remember the Comiket 89 exclusive tote set. We confirmed the boys bag includes a towel and the girls bag included a scarf. To give you an idea of how much this sucks, only about 300 were made availible per version, per day. My contact was not able to snag me one at the show because they sold out and she went several days. She said that the tote/scarf/girls' version was always availible, though... :/ I have my deputy out looking as well as watching a few auctions. I would expect to pay a hefty price tag for it if you want it, though.