Friday, January 15, 2016

1.15.16 - Tri V2 Trailer is out, more exclusive merch on the way, animate shop reminder

The Tri Episode 2 trailer is out. Part 3 is called Confession. Nothing Yamato related, but there is some merchandise news.

From With the Will:
"In the last portion of the video we get our first glimpse of the third Part of tri, now confirmed to be titled "Confession".
Most of the show consisted of fairly standard talk show content with the three VAs being very enthusiastic throughout.
In the next Part they presented various Digimon merchandise mostly the same that was already revealed within the last few weeks.
The next topic was "hot spring parks" and as it turns out there is an Onsen park in Odaiba and they are doing some special Digimon Adventure tri. themed Event where among other things limited edition merchandise will be sold.
While I didn't catch any definitive confirmation that this is the Onsen Park that will appear in tri. Part 2 it seems very likely.


Also, Premium Bandai has some new merchandise up (releasing in March) that features all 8 Chosen / Digimon.

Finally, if you wanted to preorder some of the Animate merch like the can badges, they are now availible to preorder through a deputy.

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