Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12.29.15 - Garurumon GEM update #4 - Preorder at Toku Taku!

Hey guys!

Toku Taku toys has the Garurumon GEM up for preorder! You can do a split payment (half+ shipping now) or pay in full!

Figuya and DenDen still don't have him listed, but they will in the future if you miss out at this site. As of writing, TT still has him in stock.

Monday, December 28, 2015

12.28.15 - Garurumon GEM update #3

Just a quick update on the Garurumon GEM.

DenDen Hobby will get him soon.

Figuya is in negotiations.

And Crunchyroll hopes to get him, but is having difficulty.

Will post when more places are up.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Garurumon GEM update #2

We got a small update from webshop Figuya:
Looks like they will get the preorder up in a few days, with some luck. A little less Engrishy translation:
"*NEW* Yamato and Garurumon are Premium Bandai/Megatrea shop exclusives. We hope we are able to offer this beautiful set within the next few days! Currently, the negotiations are ongoing."
Check updated status on all the preorders here. Thanks to Elise for the information!

12.26.15 - New trivia, major site update, Garurumon GEM preorder update #1

Previously discussed BEAMS mook had some interesting info about Yamato I added to the trivia section:
Yamato carries: his band's sheet music, a military pattern CD Walkman (!), earphones (looks like the Apple ones) and two types of Mintia mints (popular brand here): Dry Hard and Cold Smash. (Special thanks to Squit on FF.net for the translated info. Go read Paradigm Shift, it's really good!) 

I have also made numerous updates to the collection pages. I've gotten alot of Tri/Anniversary merch!

Also, not many places to preorder the Garurumon GEM yet; all US sites have sold out so far. However, there is still a slew of sites that should get him, including Figuya that said "they hope to get him soon". Premium Bandai is accepting orders until March, if you're desperate.

Check this post for updates as we get them~

Friday, December 25, 2015

12.25.15 - Merry Xmas, heres some preorder links!

The D-3s and the Garurumon GEM went up for preorder today.

The D-3s are limited to 3000 each but several sites have had them up for order. We finally have pictures of the art cards included with the first press run:

Next up is a list of sites you can preorder the Garurumon GEM. I will update as sites have the item up for order. Keep in mind his retail price is 11232 Yen (roughly $93 USD), so try not to overpay for him if you can (although, if it comes down to it, I wouldn't mind!)

Premium Bandai (need a deputy service, full payment required - $93 USD + any deputy fees)
Bandai Online (full payment required, free registered SAL shipping)
Big in Japan (sold out, full payment required) *Note: This sold out in 5-10 minutes!
Nippon Yasan (sold out, deposit or pay in full)
MyKombini (sold out on 12/26, 50% deposit required)
Figuya (they say it will be up soon, payment due on shipment + reservations are able to be cancelled; also they do not guarantee stock of an item) *They should have the preorder up in a few days!
Toku Taku Toys (availible now, half+shipping or pay in full)
DenDen Hobby (TBA, 20% deposit or pay in full, free shipping) 
Crunchyroll (TBA, full payment required)
Anime Island (TBA, 20% deposit or pay in full)

Looking into the following shops as we speak. Will get back to you all asap!

Please keep in mind TBA means I'm expecting these shops to get them (because they've had the angels or Wizarmon):

BigBadToyStore (TBA, payment due on shipment)

AnimeBLVD (TBA, pay in full, free shipping with $50 over)
KirinHobby (TBA, pay in full* or payment due on shipment)
AniMarket (TBA, deposit required)
MHToyShop (TBA, pay in full now or payment due on shipment)
Kolektakon (TBA, pay in deposit, slowly pay off as you go)
Image Anime (TBA, pay in full)

*KirinHobby will let you pay later, but if you pay in full you get priority, which means if they have 100 of an item, you get first dibs, despite when you ordered. I don't recommend ordering here as it seems risky that you won't get one.

Finally, we have an updated picture of the Yamato figurearts zero from JumpFesta:

Thursday, December 24, 2015

12.24.15 - Garurumon GEM preorder and info, other GEM reprints!

Okay guys! PB has put up the Garurumon GEM. Before you guys go nuts trying to preorder, keep in mind that sites like RightStuf, DenDenHobby, and Crunchyroll have been getting these figures! Just be patient~ With that said... they are also reprinting Mimi/Koushiro, Joe/Sora, and Ken GEM figures, for those that missed out. I hope this eventually leads to a reprint of the angels, too!

Mostly, I wanted to share the news that Yamato is detatchable from Garurumon. I thought this was a nice touch. Here's some other photos from PB's site:

12.24.15 - Garurumon GEM preorder ; Cafe exclusives not so exclusive?

First off, a quick reminder that the Garurumon/Yamato GEM figure goes up for preorder within the next 24 hours! It still looks to be a PB exclusive, but I would hold out for Crunchyroll and DenDenHobby if you can. They will save you a bundle in deputy fees.

Now, something I found much to my irritation. The previously cafe-exclusive signboard keychains are now availible on AmiAmi, for almost $25-$30 each... hurts when you paid $50 a box a few months ago. Makes alot of us wonder what really is exclusive and what isn't anymore.

Volume 1 Set with Yamato/Gabumon
Volume 2 Set

On the bright side, though, I managed to snag the color theatre signboard recently for a decent price ($15) on Y!JP. Most of the boards are going for around 1600-2500 yen. Not bad considering the current exchange rate.

Merry Xmas / Happy Holidays everyone :)

Friday, December 18, 2015

12.18.125 - Jump Festa - Hosoya's name in Digimoji; Garurumon GEM color prototype

Just a small thing from Jump Festa. Taichi's voice actor, Hanae Natsuki, writes fellow actor for Yamato, Yoshimasa Hosoya's name in Digimoji (the Digimon alphabet).

The associated Tweet translates (poorly) to:
Jump Festa information !
Pair it early ? ! It is the Taichi role - Hanae -san and Agumon role Sakamoto 's New Year's writing let me decorated by Toei Animation booth .
Hanae 's challenge Digimon character ! The real thing by all means at the venue ★ 

Also revealed at Jump Festa is the color prototype of the Yamato/Garurumon GEM figure. The retail is 9800 yen, roughly $85-88 USD? Preorders begin on Christmas and the figure releases in July 2016.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

12.17.15 - New Movic items (can badges), VirusGabumon DataColle, Otomedia special interview #2,, and update on Garurumon GEM

Lots of news. First up, Animate's online shop updated with a few items:
Can Badge - Retails for around 300 yen each (aka 2400 yen a set). As with most Animate items, these are only sold on Animate's site and only in a set. I would advise finding the one you want on Yahoo Japan! Auctions.

This Twitter scan (source) shows a DataColle collection of Virus Type Rookies, aka BlackGabumon. I won't be buying this set, but I wouldn't mind tracking down BlackGabumon later. There's also a small add for the Yamato/Garurumon GEM. Speaking of...

According to MegaHouse's Twitter, "[Digimon] 12/19, 20, held at the "jump Festa 2016," G. E.m. "garurumon & Ishida Yamato" painted prototype first exhibited decision! Digimon are other exhibition more... (Secretly come to the megahouse booth MB ♪ ‪#‎digimon‬ ‪#‎デジモン"
Basically, at Jump Festa 2016, we'll see the color prototype of Garurumon's GEM figure, as well as some other new items.

Lastly, this is a bit of old news, but work/sleep has kept me from updating. Otomedia did another special with the characters. Here are the bits relating to Yamato.

"This Year Is Special! We’ve Delivered Q&A Vol. 2!

How Grown-Up Taichi And His Friends Will Spend Christmas 

Yamato Ishida: Maybe as an annual custom!? Yamato will hold a Christmas concert and sing a new song with his new band. He might also prepare to perform some sweet Christmas songs for his fans. Uniting with them, he will have an exciting gig.

Sora Takenouchi: Sora will go to Yamato’s concert with Jun Motomiya. She still can’t get into Jun’s aggressive moshing. However, she might get carried away by Yamato’s voice and watch over him fondly.

Takeru Takaishi: Takeru might assist Yamato with his concert. To create a good mood he will invite lots of girls from his school and have fun. If he writes a blog about the concert later, he’ll probably take it upon himself to document everything.

There was also some mention regarding the Yamato/Takeru scene in Tri, somewhere, but I can't remember where I found it. It was basically just reminding everyone of the importance of their conversation (that they have grown closer) and of fanservice. I'll update if I find it!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

12.12.15 - Updated search terms, new exclusive tote bag/cloth

 I added "デジモンアドベンチャー  メモリアル" to the search terms list on the How to Shop Guide. This means "Digimon Adventure Memorial" and can be used to find Memorial Goods like the swing keychains and the digivice/crest gashapon that are popping up. I paid about 1600 yen for my set of 2, so expect to pay around that amount for a couple of pieces. These have also been appearing on Ebay for a little more (but really, it equals out if you don't already have a deputy with items set aside).

Good luck searching!

Also, someone found this on twitter. It's by Movic. Looks like double sided tote bags, but it also mentions micro fiber cloths. Only news we have is that they will be limited to "certain comic events or events". Looks like these will be a major pain to track down, which is a shame because the new tri art is beautiful.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

12.11.15 - Tri. Bromide Lottery Card

While scouring Yahoo Japan Auctions, I found out that there is a set of Tri. related bromide cards. Unfortunately the only card with Yamato also features Sora, but bromide cards are usually nice, oversized cards. It appears these could only be obtained via lottery prize through the Marui Annex (?). I'm not familiar enough with everything to explain what that means, but I assume that it's one of the theatres showing Tri / Tri cafes. It looks like if you purchased 3000 (points? yen?) worth of some kinda card at the shop, you were entered to win them.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

(12.10 - Update!) 12.9.15 - HobbyStock posts phone accessories

Hobbystock has posted a few new items. An iphone6 case (3105 Yen) and some headphones (1583 Yen). I've been in dire need of some new headphones and I like these retractable ones. They have S and M sized earbuds. I may order two, just because~ I can't say much regarding the iphone case (I'm an Android user) but it looks clunky but cute.

FYI, looks like there will possibly be 2 waves of orders on HS as two entries of the same item were listed. :3

As always, HS stuff tends to appear on AmiAmi within a few days. I'll post when they're up~

Edit: They are up for preorder (released in March) on AmiAmi as of 12.10!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Guide to exclusive merch!?

I've made a page attempting to catalogue the exclusive merchandise as of late (for Tri. theatre screenings and the Animate Cafe). Please comment if you find anything inaccurate/missing.

Go check it out here.

12.2.15 - New gashapons appear, new cafe bookmark

News has been slow. Most of my efforts have been in tracking down the cafe merchandise and the theatre stuff, but it's very tough! I found out that most cafes already sold out of merchandise. Not only that, but you have to win a small lottery (raffle) to get inside in the first place and hope the merchandise is availible. Very tough. Out of five or so items, I've only secured one two on Y!JP right now. I've lost over four auctions in the past week... sigh. FYI, this is the release week for the Yamato/Gabumon signboard and it's been running around 2000 Yen ($17 USD). They'll be more scarce after this, so I would get one if you want it!

Admist that, I even found (IIRC) new merchandise, a bookmark:

On the bright side, these gashapons appeared on Twitter. They are 300 yen each and random in Japanese gashapon machines. These may come up for preorder on various websites in sets, though! So keep an eye out. (Also wanted to note that the tags include Ken's Crest of Kindness and either the Crest of Destiny/Miracles.. really interesting!)

Friday, November 27, 2015

11.27.15 - New Yamato / Garurumon GEM and new cafe charms~

AmiAmi has the Memo/Magnet set!

Also, this image has been going around. It's in the GEM line and probably will retail around $80-$100 USD like the Takeru/Hikari ones. Not sure if if will be PB exclusive but I imagine Crunchyroll and DenDen Hobby will get them too. If I had to guess it will go up in early 2016.

Also, thanks to Jess over at my group on Facebook, she found these exclusive cafe charms. They're random like gashapon and obviously exclusive to Japan, so if you're gonna track these down you may be scouring Y!JP auctions.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

11.26.15 - Knife of Day shirts back in stock; new merch on CDJapan

The Knife of Day shirts are back in stock (here is the new link) on Premium Bandai Shop. They can be reserved until 12/12!

To celebrate, Taichi and Yamato's seiyuu dressed up:

Also, CDJapan has popped up with some new merchandise using the previous digitama art from Toei's Webshop items. I expect AmiAmi will get these, too.

Memo Pad / Magnet Set, 700 yen each (CDJapan link)

Happy Thanksgiving~~!

Monday, November 23, 2015

11.23.15 - Knife of Day almost sold out

Previously discussed Knife of Day shirt is sold out in black. White is still availible for the time being (so if you want one, maybe jump on it). I'm confident PB will restock, considering there's nothing discussing limited availability or preorder windows... Here's hoping for a restock.

Will update when/if black is back in stock!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

11.22.15 - Tri booklet scans

 Some scans of the Tri. theatre booklet are on the internet. These two feature Yamato's design and his harmonica prints (they appear identical to the Adventure ones, for obvious reasons). There may be more info in these but it hasn't been translated yet. I ran it through a translator and got the following:

 Lists Yamato's name and his seiyuu. The paragraph says stuff we've pretty much seen elsewhere. Yamato's enrolled in the class next to Taichi. Yamato seems cool at first glance and gets straight to the point. He has continued his band activities since junior high. His opinions often clash with Taichi. Yamato is in charge of vocals and bass for the band.
 For the harmonica section it reads (more or less): Harmonica: Blues harp fans know from when Yamato was young. Gabumon loves the tone. Yamato plays (well) when he is pensive.

Source: WtW

Saturday, November 21, 2015

11.21.15 - More exclusive merch found

While on Y!JP, I found more exclusive items that have been released in the cafes but not announced elsewhere.

A can badge for the Ikebukuro screening (listed as Sega Lottery Prize):
 A can badge from the Animate Cafe:

A mini clear file you can get at theatre screenings:

11.20.15 - 320 Tri. screenshots for you Yamato fans~

I've just uploaded all of my screencaptures from Episode 1 of Tri. Please, please don't use these without linking back to my album in some form. These took a long time to capture/upload.

Check them out here~

11.21.15 - Tri, Tri part 2, Smart Edit Mook, AmiAmi, and other stuff

I'm assuming you've all seen Tri. Episode 1? I have to say I am pleasantly happy with it. (I'll post a review down the line, once I've had time to let it sink in. If I had to go off first impressions, I would give it an 8/10) Over the next day or so I'll be updating my About Yamato page with snippets here and there from Tri.

Also, Episode 2 is up for preorder on Amazon.co.jp. The cover is said to feature Mimi, Jyou, and their Mega evolutions, as well as Imperialdramon. This edition also includes a poster like last time, but no image has been shown yet that I'm aware of. Episode 2 will air in Japan in March and be released in April.

The previously discussed mook (magazine book) by Smart Edit shows a bunch of the merchandise associated with Tri. Crunchyroll updated with some better images:

Next up is AmiAmi has the microfiber cloth and clear file mentioned in this post availible for around 500-700 yen each. The chibi can badge sets can also be ordered for 2040 per set.

I'll be updating later today with screenshots and information from Tri! Stay tuned~
A bonus. Screenshot of one of the Digimon cafes:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

11.19.15 - Tri airing in the US / New merchandise on P-Bandai

I was having a pretty bad day, but two particular pieces of news made me feel a lot better! First up, the US is getting Tri., subbed, tomorrow (11/20) on Crunchyroll! The service is about $8 a month in the US and it should air subtitled.

Next up is some more merchandise on P-Bandai. Previously discussed logo for Yamato's band (teased as: The listing also references and asks what KOD (Knife of Day) is and mentions you'll have to go to the theater to find it.) Source: WtW

The shirt costs 3780 Yen (about $30 USD). I looked for a preorder window, but there wasn't one listed I could find. The shirt comes in black and white and sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Japanese sizes tend to run small, so you may want to get a size up from your normal shirt size.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11.18.15 - More new merch appears on HobbyStock! (And AmiAmi)

Some new merchandise appeared on HobbyStock. It's all for tri (but whose complaining)? Unfortunetly I'm late to the game here. The can badges are listed as "stock is becoming low", basically, but the other 2 items are pre-order, it appears. Also, I'm pretty confident this stuff will show up on sites like AmiAmi (since other items like the stickers and keychains recently appeared!), so maybe patience is a virtue, considering I know most of us Digi-fans are pretty broke! Anyway, onto the merchandise!

Tri Chibi Can Badge Set (See the Digimon set here) God I want this Yamato badge so much. It's too cute! I've only pictured Yamato here, but it's a set of the 8 children.
This one says it is availible for order for 2400 yen. Release date: November

Yamato and Gabumon Microfiber Towel
The other 8 children are availible. Product is listed for Reservations for 648 yen. Release date: January

Yamato and Gabumon Clear File
The other 8 children are availible. Product is listed for Reservations for 648 yen. Release date: January

Also, a tiny side note, but the Crest Metal Charms are up for preorder on Toei's shop. They ship in March.

EDIT: The previously announced pouches are on AmiAmi!

Gabumon Pouch - 2140 Yen
Gabumon Smartphone Cover - 3170 Yen
Gabumon IC Card Case - 1360 Yen

As always guys, I'll keep you up to date on any Yamato info. Please check back!

11.18.15 - New interviews with voice actors on official site!

This is a quick translation using Chrome and my own intuition, so take it with a grain of salt. If you do decide to use this, please credit me. The original page is located here.

Yoshimasa Hosoya (Voice of Yamato Ishida)
1. For the character you played your own
When I decided to audition for Yamato, I thought a lot of the things, like the fact that Adventure (Yamato?) is loved by many people. At the same time, I thought of the image of "Digimon" in the eyes of the fans, there was also fear that. The character has been redesigned from the previous series.
Nozomi intentionally put without discomfort. (?)

2. What was it like during recording?
Fans had grown to love the original voices, so I kept that in mind. When we worked with our partner Digimon (actors) we gave our best effort!

3. "Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1," Reunion, "" Here I want to see! (Maybe, what scenes are you excited about?)
The Chosen Children and Digimon our reunion scene.
If fans from the old days, begin to see this anew and it was what they expected, I would be very happy.

4. Please give a message to the fans.
I am pleased with meeting the expectations of everyone.
For every Digimon fan, we don't want to disappoint them, and so we'll try hard, so you can enjoy as a new "Digimon" works, thank you future best regards!

Mayumi Yamaguchi (Voice of Gabumon)
1. How did you feel when they told you about a sequel to "Digimon Adventure"?
It brought up a lot of old feelings.
I was surprised when I heard there was a sequel and that I would be reprising my role.
However, I didn't feel anxious or nervous while portraying Gabumon.
After the evolution scene, it felt amazing!

2. What was it like during recording?
The dubbing process is a little different than it was fifteen years ago. 
(Not sure about this part:
Wow I wonder I have interest and ~. And we aunt who had bloom (laughs the water cooler
- I was also eating Monjya from over)

3. "Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1," Reunion, "" Here I want to see! (Maybe, what scenes are you excited about?)
The moment when the Butter-Fly flows in the opening, I was filled with excitement!
All the nostalgia came back in an instant and I notice also that something is exciting again. Many are sensitive to the greatness of the Butter-Fly, which implies expectations.

4. Please give a message to the fans.
I'm pleased that this or any "renunion" was possible! It is a pleasure now or for any adventure.
I hope we can enjoy it together!

11.18.15 - New Gabumon merch appears on HobbyStock

Some new merchandise appeared on HobbyStock. It features the Digimon.

Gabumon Mini Pouch - 2678 Yen (for one pouch); the site says Backordered but there is no set reservation period, so perhaps it hasn't started yet. These ship in February.

Gabumon Smartphone Cover - 3698 Yen (for one slipcover). Site details: "The back surface can be installed only flat smartphone. ■ Material: PC, PU ■ measure of smartphone dimensions compatible with the present product: - about 140 × width 70 × thickness 10mm to the height camera position from the back top to the bottom is about 37mm lens (the bottom of the camera there is a flash smartphone until flash the lower will be the 37mm)"

Gabumon IC Card Case - 1706 Yen (per one case).

I probably won't be updating about these, so check back on the website if interested!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

11.16.15 - Yamato's band's name? New book featuring interview and new merchandise

This photo just linked on tumblr. It's some kind of book featuring interviews with the voice actors of Taichi and Yamato, along with some tri. info. Also, there are some bonuses included: new art on a double-sided poster, an agumon pouch, and some stickers.
I had forgotten to mention the Knife of Day logo, since it was shown at the theatre event for tri. I suspected then it was the name of Yamato's band and I'm about 99% certain now. I'm adding this in the tags section in case of future CD/ CD Drama releases.

The book mentioned above is 2000 yen (about $18 USD) and can be ordered here with a deputy service.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

11.14.16 - Animate Coasters

The Animate Cafe in Ikibukuro also has these coasters:

Also, there's a commercial that aired that may contain new footage. Will update asap.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

11.12.15 - New Animate Cafe drinks, bookmarks, and dishes!

I know, another update so soon. This is to cover some very Japan-only merch. We've previously discussed the Animate Cafe exclusive merchandise, but they are also serving themed food and drinks (on that note, I've been heavily updating the About Yamato Ishida page, go check it out!)

Yamato's "garlic fried rice"

Gabumon's drink: "blue curaçao syrup, whitewater drink, whipped cream, cone-shaped chocolate"  
In other news, there are also some bookmarks. Yamato is featured on one with Taichi and there are two secrets:
As always, check back for updates!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11.11.16 - Some new screenshots, posters, and more exclusives!

Alrighty, a lot of news these past few days yall.

First up are some more exclusives! These are exclusively at the Animate Cafe in Japan, but considering it's Animate, they may release leftovers in their online shop as web-exclusives. You know me, I'll update once we know anything! FYI, the items are more can badges, keychains, and a clear file.

Next up is a long list in the line of posters (and man, I'm lagging behind so hard on these releases.. I gotta catch up).

Animedia (interesting note, Yamato's cooking skills are still canon)

Otomedia (yep, seems like a staple now. Maybe I should import a subscription lol) Also, my favorite thing about this one; Yamato and Takeru's scarves match.

Newtype (no better scan as of yet, this was or only shot of Yamato's new band until...)

 Things important to note are that Yamato's bass appears the same model, IMO, when I previously heard of him using a new model. It could be an animation error, but in the picture with Takeru, the Competion Stripes are missing. Also, we finally see Yamato's new band members. No names ect. as of yet, but he has switched to a drummer and two guitarists in lieu of the keyboardist.

Also to end all this amazingness on an even better note, NicoNico is doing another stream the day before the blu-ray launch and will reveal info on Tri Episode 2!

EDIT: I updated my "About Yamato" page with the new tri images/information, including posters. I've also added more about his band for present and past. I'm hoping to complete his "attire" section in the next week!