Saturday, October 31, 2015

10.31.15 - Halloween update~ tri Blu-Ray details, Yamato FigureArts Zero, exclusive merchandise previewed!

Okay guys. I'm a bit behind on posting, but the merch announced makes up for it! Let me start with the bad news, even if Yamato wouldn't prefer that. There's some limited/exclusive items first up. As you can see, for a Yama collector, this is gonna take some serious tracking-down. They are limited to the Marui Department Store chain. So, keep on eye out on Y!JP for these...

Pill Case - 800 Yen

Bottle Keychain (Gabumon) - 700 Yen
Tri Can Badges - 400 Yen
Tri Pouch (Gabumon) - 1000 Yen
POP Clear Standee (Tri Yamato Vers) - 1000 Yen
Signboards (Note: There are also a few other ones featuring poster art we've already seen) - 640 Yen
(Note 2, according to WtW, these are the groupings: Group 1 will be- Taichi and Agumon, Sora and Piyomon, Yamato and Gabumon, Mimi and Palmon, along with Poster design A and B.
Group 2 will be- Jou and Gomamon, Koushiro and Tentomon, Takery and Patamon, Hikari and Tailmon, along with Poster design C and D.)

Now to the not-limited:

I'm going to make a note of some tri puzzles which you can buy on AmiAmi. The real kicker is the second one (the one I'm linking to) with the Adventure-based tri art, located here.

Next up are these Digi-Butts, as we've fan-named them. Rubber straps with two ends featuring the Rookies. You can get them at AmiAmi (in a set only). Retail is 5054 Yen.

Next up is the tri blu-ray. I'm only covering the Amazon Exclusive Edition as it has the slipcover and cloth poster with all first pressings. It's around 8000 yen ($70 USD appx.) and will be up for order through very early December. You'll need a deputy service and a way to play Region 2 Blu-Rays. There are no english subtitles. 

Can I get to my pride and joy though? This FigureArts Zero figure was announced:

The retail for this line is normally around 2800 yen, but it's unsure if the first pressing only comes with Gabumon or if it will be a little higher for including him, who knows... These are non-posable but pretty detailed. I have a height comparison with the Minato Arisato one from Persona 3 at our Facebook.

That concludes this post! Thanks for reading and good luck collecting!

Credit: AmiAmi ; WiththeWill

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New crane plush for tri

These were just revealed. They will be coming out in Japan crane games so expect them on Y!JP. These match the previously released Adventure set.

10.15.15 - New magazine poster, tons of Toei webshop merch, GEM re-re-release, Gabumon UFO catcher

Since my internet is spotty, I'm a bit late to update, but hope you all enjoy it anyway.

Let me start by saying I'm leaving out some pretty cute Gabumon-relevant merch, so you may want to search Toei's Webshop and AmiAmi thoroughly.
Toei has more can badges (of course), except this time they are long! I am particularly pleased with this set, because not only is there lots of Yamato, but there's lots of characters represented, including Zero Two variants. The set retails for around $60 USD, but AmiAmi is kind enough to have preorders closer to $40. Thank you, AmiAmi, for rescuing my wallet.

On the bad news side of things, this art is reused for a new set of those damn randomized posters. You remember, the ones where you get 8 out of 16 variants randomly in a box? Ugh. Since Yamato had more than one or two in this set, I ordered 2 sets for around $55 USD, also from AmiAmi.

Also, somehow this sticker slipped through the cracks. It's still on AmiAmi, too, for around $5?

Now, I'd like to mention this cute Gabumon, at least. It's a crane prize, so check Y!JP for him:

Finally, there has been quite a bit of posters going on in various magazines. Here is the new Tri one to be released in Japan's Newtype November 2015 Issue but there are also non-poster related spreads in Animedia and HyperHobby.

Also, before this slips away, Yamato's GEM figure is getting a third release (second re-release). AmiAmi has him here.