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1.17.16 - Valentine's Poster, February Otomedia Translated

Thanks to Kazarinn from Tumblr, we have a bit of information regarding Yamato from the new Valentine's poster:

Yamato Ishida
Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya
A second-year at Tsukishima Comprehensive High School. He’s active as the bassist and vocalist of his band. Right now, in regards to the Digimon incidents, there’s been some distance between him and the often indecisive Taichi.
How would Yamato spend Valentine’s Day?
“Feeling sorry for his divorced father, Hiroaki, busy at work, he might make whiskey bonbon as a present for his father. Of course, he’d make some for Takeru and his mother, Natsuko, as well.” (Producer Arai)
How would Yamato receive chocolate?
“It would probably be good to go to the studio where he’s having band practice and give it to him directly. Since he gets a lot of other chocolate, it might give a better, more distinct impression if you look into a CD he might like and give it to him with them.” (Producer Arai)

 Other profiles that mentioned Yamato:

How would Takeru spend Valentine’s Day?
“He’d take a look at the mountain of chocolate he’d receive at school with his brother, and then he’d bring it home and share it with his mother, Natsuko. He and Yamato would be smacking their lips at the homemade chocolate.” (Producer Arai)

How would Sora spend Valentine’s Day?
“She’d make a large amount of handmade chocolate for the Chosen Children and their Digimon. This year it’s absolutely essential for her to make some for the KNIFE OF DAY members, so in order to multiply her efforts she’d work hard with Piyomon to make them.” (Producer Arai)

Here are some details from the February issue of Otomedia:
Ayana (scenario writer): There’s a scene where they go to enjoy themselves at the bathhouse theme park, so we actually went to go location hunting and carefully observed how kids at their age would play around (haha). Taichi and Yamato had quite a bit of discussion between the two of them. Would they get in a fight with their words?
Kakihara (composition): While dragging along their awkward feelings from Part 1, even though everyone’s going off to have fun, we thought about how much distance Taichi and Yamato would have between them during that time.
Motonaga (director): It’s because they haven’t had as much time together since they’re in separate classes.
Ayana: We also decided that Yamato would be the only one in a different class from that discussion. Because there are many fans with a deep love for the characters, we have no intention of being irresponsible about this and disappointing them (haha).

Motonga: Yamato’s absorbed in his band right now, but somehow he’s going to become an astronaut in the future (haha).

If you could please tell everyone how each of the “Chosen Children” would spend their Valentine’s Day…
Motonaga: Yamato would probably be happy eating chocolate that he made for himself.

Also found this on Jippy's tumblr. As you all know, I loathe Sorato, but it has to be included. It's from the 2015 Otomedia December issue:
Christmas Is Coming Soon. What Are We Going To Do This Year? This Is Our Meeting (Otomedia December 2015)

What is Yamato’s Christmas present? Yamato will give Sora blue earmuffs. He might buy earmuffs of a similar colour to the hat Sora used to wear when she was an elementary school student.
What is Sora’s Christmas present? Sora will give Taichi a neck warmer to wear during soccer practice. Sora will give Yamato a pair of hand-knitted gloves, because she wants him to take care of his hands for bass playing.
What is Takeru’s Christmas present? Looking around second-hand record stores, Takeru will try to find an out-of-print record that Yamato has been seeking for a long time, and give it to him.

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