Saturday, May 9, 2015

5.9.2015 - Tri trailer, Can Badge, Plush Updates

I know I'm a bit late reporting on the tri trailer, but my limited connection prevented me from seeing it for awhile. The TV Series is now a theatrical 6 part anime. (Good quality, unknown length, could take anywhere from 1 year to 3 to air completely.) Yamato appears a few times and the words Taichi says, in my opinion, imply that 02 won't be entirely retconned, but possibly this will be an alternate timeline of Adventure, as if 02 didn't happen-- which is the best I could hope for. On the other hand, here's hoping the 02 exclusive cast gets a cameo. Alphamon somewhat supports this. There is a new character and all I'll say is I'm not fond of her and that she is there for the new "moe" generation (as I have described her elsewhere: Homura Akemi with a Fennekin). Let's hope this isn't a repeat of ReBuild of Evangelion.

Now, for actual Yamato-news. Sadly, Yuuto Kazama has been replaced. The entire cast was replaced with newer, fresher actors (in a sense, I believe this is like the mysterious moe girl, to appear to a new generation). The good news about this is most of the cast grew up with Digimon and respect it. I am anxious as I haven't watched any new anime in some time (most recent titles included RAINBOW, Madoka Magica, Ghost Hound, Princess Jellyfish, and Tsuritama. The latter is the same artist for tri, by the way.)

Click here for more information on Yamato's actor, Yoshimasa Hosoya. I have only seen Ghost Hound and he probably had a line in that, so I can't really give my impressions. Will probably do research at some point.

There are some small updates to the site, just including the most recent merchandise which were a sketchbook and a new wave of can badges based on previous cell phone strap/keychains, with the same "secret" Piedmon style ones.

Finally, over on my Facebook Group (DigimonCollect@Facebook), we discovered an ultra rare WereGarurumon Lottery Prize plush, which I added.