Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1.20.16 - CSA (Complete Selection Animation) Digivice unboxing and comparison

So, before I share this with you, let me say this half-review is late because my local postal carrier service is so messed up since December. TLDR; It's been sitting in my apartment's office for two weeks with no notification/having picked up other packages. ;__;

A quick note for the videos in this post. If you use Firefox like me you may not be able to view them. Switch to Chrome~

Now, here's how it looks once I opened my package from DenDenHobby~

The strap I traded to a friend, so I'm not opening it. There's a stock photo of what it looks like:

Now, the unboxing. I've heard the box was very nice and it is. I'm not big on packaging but it has almost a matte (>.>;) finish. The box includes a post card (which I'm considering selling/trading at this time).

Now for the videos:
This first video covers the Digivice activating (when you switch it to ON).

Gabumon voice clip. It plays when you select him with the left button:

This video covers all of Gabumon's sayings. I've listed the translations below. It also covers Gabumon evolving to Garurumon and part of Butterfly ~Tri. Version~. I'm not a huge fan of this version (my favorite is the ultra long 15th version). Let me say, you can really hear the seiyuu in these. It's really nice. Go Mayumi~ You're an amazing lady!
Petit Fire!
No matter what happens, I'm with you.
Let me hear you play your harmonica again.
KNIFE OF DAY? I love your music!

Gabumon to WereGarurumon. The colors really are amazing. I was under the impression they weren't that great, but they look better in person:

MetalGarurumon quite possibly being my favorite Digimon... here's his clip, too! The Digivice cycles through all the colors for warping. It's not just limited to Agumon and Gabumon, either. All the rookies have their megas (ultimates;JP) in this version, which is obvious considering they are in Tri:

The last clip is if you leave the Digivice idle long enough. Gabumon says, "Welcome back, Yamato." *feels*

Here's a bit of comparison on the size / detail to the original Digivice (Yamato color). I would compare it to the 15th, but mine is MIB and I'd rather not open it yet; plus there's not much difference between the originals and the 15th. As you can see the CSA has a bit more detail and is a bit bigger. They also run on different batteries. (The CSA runs on 2 AAAs).

Speaking of which, my remote was temporarily sacrificed for Digimon greatness:
Other notes about the CSA Digivice:
I love the look overall. It's a bit heftier than the 15th Anniversary edition. The inside, when it lights up during evolution, appears to light up some kind of inner mirror system where the Tri. evolution letters are engraved. The buttons are plastic (the original Japanese Digivice has rubber ones; unsure about the 15th). The outer part of the center is reflective like a mirror! I didn't expect that at all, since I'm used to the V-Pet screens. My only con to this item is that the Chosen/DigiDestined's voices aren't included and that this was aimed towards Tri. fans more than Adventure fans. However, I still reccomend it, especially for cosplay. It's not an item I'll probably keep in my collection as long as the others, but it's a very nice piece!

Easter eggs~ I found this video of me demonstrating the Gabumon Spinning Top toy from cereal boxes and my happy Garurumon on my Pendulum Zero:

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