Friday, January 8, 2016

1.8.16 - Otomedia Feb Issue, FEBRI magazine, and a collection update

Hey all! With Tri. Part 2 approaching, there's lots of stuff out and about!

Can you guys believe it's been an entire year since they started putting out these Otomedia posters? LOL This is a preview of the Valentine's one for this year:
 This issue will include more fan-bait interviews, BUT if it's like last year we probably won't get a translation... :/ If anyone is willing to do some small spot translations for me, I have the original issue as well.
Also, you may or may not have heard about FEBRI Magazine's Vol. 32, which features Tri. I'm betting there is some Yamato and Hosoya related stuff, so I picked one up off of Mandarake.

Speaking of Mandarake... this also lead me to finding an insanely good deal. I've purchased from them before but never from their SAHRA Warehouse! Items are Spot-Sale, which means they are in-stock for you. I snagged the Koushiro GEM for a measely $75! Now all I need is Mimi for a complete set :3
I also have another small collection update!
This is one of those acrylic stands (I believe I covered the left image, the signboard keychains, already). They are beautiful and sturdy and I can see why they are trending in Japan!
These are images of a lot of gum wrappers I'm getting from a collector in Turkey. I think my favorite is Gabumon in the car!
Lastly.. it was Hell, but I finally won an auction for the tote bag/towel set! Just a reminder, these are limited to 300 only! I paid around $65 USD via Y!JP Auctions, almost double the retail~ Another reminder that these will be up on Premium Bandai but will sell out quickly. You may want to keep an eye out!


  1. I like the character sheet of Mimi. Glad they choose the hair she has now. :) Thanks for the info

    1. No problem! Thank you for the comment! If there's anything you would like to see, drop me a line!