Wednesday, December 9, 2015

(12.10 - Update!) 12.9.15 - HobbyStock posts phone accessories

Hobbystock has posted a few new items. An iphone6 case (3105 Yen) and some headphones (1583 Yen). I've been in dire need of some new headphones and I like these retractable ones. They have S and M sized earbuds. I may order two, just because~ I can't say much regarding the iphone case (I'm an Android user) but it looks clunky but cute.

FYI, looks like there will possibly be 2 waves of orders on HS as two entries of the same item were listed. :3

As always, HS stuff tends to appear on AmiAmi within a few days. I'll post when they're up~

Edit: They are up for preorder (released in March) on AmiAmi as of 12.10!

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