Friday, December 18, 2015

12.18.125 - Jump Festa - Hosoya's name in Digimoji; Garurumon GEM color prototype

Just a small thing from Jump Festa. Taichi's voice actor, Hanae Natsuki, writes fellow actor for Yamato, Yoshimasa Hosoya's name in Digimoji (the Digimon alphabet).

The associated Tweet translates (poorly) to:
Jump Festa information !
Pair it early ? ! It is the Taichi role - Hanae -san and Agumon role Sakamoto 's New Year's writing let me decorated by Toei Animation booth .
Hanae 's challenge Digimon character ! The real thing by all means at the venue ★ 

Also revealed at Jump Festa is the color prototype of the Yamato/Garurumon GEM figure. The retail is 9800 yen, roughly $85-88 USD? Preorders begin on Christmas and the figure releases in July 2016.

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