Thursday, December 3, 2015

12.2.15 - New gashapons appear, new cafe bookmark

News has been slow. Most of my efforts have been in tracking down the cafe merchandise and the theatre stuff, but it's very tough! I found out that most cafes already sold out of merchandise. Not only that, but you have to win a small lottery (raffle) to get inside in the first place and hope the merchandise is availible. Very tough. Out of five or so items, I've only secured one two on Y!JP right now. I've lost over four auctions in the past week... sigh. FYI, this is the release week for the Yamato/Gabumon signboard and it's been running around 2000 Yen ($17 USD). They'll be more scarce after this, so I would get one if you want it!

Admist that, I even found (IIRC) new merchandise, a bookmark:

On the bright side, these gashapons appeared on Twitter. They are 300 yen each and random in Japanese gashapon machines. These may come up for preorder on various websites in sets, though! So keep an eye out. (Also wanted to note that the tags include Ken's Crest of Kindness and either the Crest of Destiny/Miracles.. really interesting!)

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