Friday, December 25, 2015

12.25.15 - Merry Xmas, heres some preorder links!

The D-3s and the Garurumon GEM went up for preorder today.

The D-3s are limited to 3000 each but several sites have had them up for order. We finally have pictures of the art cards included with the first press run:

Next up is a list of sites you can preorder the Garurumon GEM. I will update as sites have the item up for order. Keep in mind his retail price is 11232 Yen (roughly $93 USD), so try not to overpay for him if you can (although, if it comes down to it, I wouldn't mind!)

Premium Bandai (need a deputy service, full payment required - $93 USD + any deputy fees)
Bandai Online (full payment required, free registered SAL shipping)
Big in Japan (sold out, full payment required) *Note: This sold out in 5-10 minutes!
Nippon Yasan (sold out, deposit or pay in full)
MyKombini (sold out on 12/26, 50% deposit required)
Figuya (they say it will be up soon, payment due on shipment + reservations are able to be cancelled; also they do not guarantee stock of an item) *They should have the preorder up in a few days!
Toku Taku Toys (availible now, half+shipping or pay in full)
DenDen Hobby (TBA, 20% deposit or pay in full, free shipping) 
Crunchyroll (TBA, full payment required)
Anime Island (TBA, 20% deposit or pay in full)

Looking into the following shops as we speak. Will get back to you all asap!

Please keep in mind TBA means I'm expecting these shops to get them (because they've had the angels or Wizarmon):

BigBadToyStore (TBA, payment due on shipment)

AnimeBLVD (TBA, pay in full, free shipping with $50 over)
KirinHobby (TBA, pay in full* or payment due on shipment)
AniMarket (TBA, deposit required)
MHToyShop (TBA, pay in full now or payment due on shipment)
Kolektakon (TBA, pay in deposit, slowly pay off as you go)
Image Anime (TBA, pay in full)

*KirinHobby will let you pay later, but if you pay in full you get priority, which means if they have 100 of an item, you get first dibs, despite when you ordered. I don't recommend ordering here as it seems risky that you won't get one.

Finally, we have an updated picture of the Yamato figurearts zero from JumpFesta:

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