Saturday, December 26, 2015

12.26.15 - New trivia, major site update, Garurumon GEM preorder update #1

Previously discussed BEAMS mook had some interesting info about Yamato I added to the trivia section:
Yamato carries: his band's sheet music, a military pattern CD Walkman (!), earphones (looks like the Apple ones) and two types of Mintia mints (popular brand here): Dry Hard and Cold Smash. (Special thanks to Squit on for the translated info. Go read Paradigm Shift, it's really good!) 

I have also made numerous updates to the collection pages. I've gotten alot of Tri/Anniversary merch!

Also, not many places to preorder the Garurumon GEM yet; all US sites have sold out so far. However, there is still a slew of sites that should get him, including Figuya that said "they hope to get him soon". Premium Bandai is accepting orders until March, if you're desperate.

Check this post for updates as we get them~

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