Thursday, December 17, 2015

12.17.15 - New Movic items (can badges), VirusGabumon DataColle, Otomedia special interview #2,, and update on Garurumon GEM

Lots of news. First up, Animate's online shop updated with a few items:
Can Badge - Retails for around 300 yen each (aka 2400 yen a set). As with most Animate items, these are only sold on Animate's site and only in a set. I would advise finding the one you want on Yahoo Japan! Auctions.

This Twitter scan (source) shows a DataColle collection of Virus Type Rookies, aka BlackGabumon. I won't be buying this set, but I wouldn't mind tracking down BlackGabumon later. There's also a small add for the Yamato/Garurumon GEM. Speaking of...

According to MegaHouse's Twitter, "[Digimon] 12/19, 20, held at the "jump Festa 2016," G. E.m. "garurumon & Ishida Yamato" painted prototype first exhibited decision! Digimon are other exhibition more... (Secretly come to the megahouse booth MB ♪ ‪#‎digimon‬ ‪#‎デジモン"
Basically, at Jump Festa 2016, we'll see the color prototype of Garurumon's GEM figure, as well as some other new items.

Lastly, this is a bit of old news, but work/sleep has kept me from updating. Otomedia did another special with the characters. Here are the bits relating to Yamato.

"This Year Is Special! We’ve Delivered Q&A Vol. 2!

How Grown-Up Taichi And His Friends Will Spend Christmas 

Yamato Ishida: Maybe as an annual custom!? Yamato will hold a Christmas concert and sing a new song with his new band. He might also prepare to perform some sweet Christmas songs for his fans. Uniting with them, he will have an exciting gig.

Sora Takenouchi: Sora will go to Yamato’s concert with Jun Motomiya. She still can’t get into Jun’s aggressive moshing. However, she might get carried away by Yamato’s voice and watch over him fondly.

Takeru Takaishi: Takeru might assist Yamato with his concert. To create a good mood he will invite lots of girls from his school and have fun. If he writes a blog about the concert later, he’ll probably take it upon himself to document everything.

There was also some mention regarding the Yamato/Takeru scene in Tri, somewhere, but I can't remember where I found it. It was basically just reminding everyone of the importance of their conversation (that they have grown closer) and of fanservice. I'll update if I find it!

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