Saturday, December 12, 2015

12.12.15 - Updated search terms, new exclusive tote bag/cloth

 I added "デジモンアドベンチャー  メモリアル" to the search terms list on the How to Shop Guide. This means "Digimon Adventure Memorial" and can be used to find Memorial Goods like the swing keychains and the digivice/crest gashapon that are popping up. I paid about 1600 yen for my set of 2, so expect to pay around that amount for a couple of pieces. These have also been appearing on Ebay for a little more (but really, it equals out if you don't already have a deputy with items set aside).

Good luck searching!

Also, someone found this on twitter. It's by Movic. Looks like double sided tote bags, but it also mentions micro fiber cloths. Only news we have is that they will be limited to "certain comic events or events". Looks like these will be a major pain to track down, which is a shame because the new tri art is beautiful.

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