Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11.11.16 - Some new screenshots, posters, and more exclusives!

Alrighty, a lot of news these past few days yall.

First up are some more exclusives! These are exclusively at the Animate Cafe in Japan, but considering it's Animate, they may release leftovers in their online shop as web-exclusives. You know me, I'll update once we know anything! FYI, the items are more can badges, keychains, and a clear file.

Next up is a long list in the line of posters (and man, I'm lagging behind so hard on these releases.. I gotta catch up).

Animedia (interesting note, Yamato's cooking skills are still canon)

Otomedia (yep, seems like a staple now. Maybe I should import a subscription lol) Also, my favorite thing about this one; Yamato and Takeru's scarves match.

Newtype (no better scan as of yet, this was or only shot of Yamato's new band until...)

 Things important to note are that Yamato's bass appears the same model, IMO, when I previously heard of him using a new model. It could be an animation error, but in the picture with Takeru, the Competion Stripes are missing. Also, we finally see Yamato's new band members. No names ect. as of yet, but he has switched to a drummer and two guitarists in lieu of the keyboardist.

Also to end all this amazingness on an even better note, NicoNico is doing another stream the day before the blu-ray launch and will reveal info on Tri Episode 2!

EDIT: I updated my "About Yamato" page with the new tri images/information, including posters. I've also added more about his band for present and past. I'm hoping to complete his "attire" section in the next week!

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