Saturday, November 21, 2015

11.21.15 - Tri, Tri part 2, Smart Edit Mook, AmiAmi, and other stuff

I'm assuming you've all seen Tri. Episode 1? I have to say I am pleasantly happy with it. (I'll post a review down the line, once I've had time to let it sink in. If I had to go off first impressions, I would give it an 8/10) Over the next day or so I'll be updating my About Yamato page with snippets here and there from Tri.

Also, Episode 2 is up for preorder on The cover is said to feature Mimi, Jyou, and their Mega evolutions, as well as Imperialdramon. This edition also includes a poster like last time, but no image has been shown yet that I'm aware of. Episode 2 will air in Japan in March and be released in April.

The previously discussed mook (magazine book) by Smart Edit shows a bunch of the merchandise associated with Tri. Crunchyroll updated with some better images:

Next up is AmiAmi has the microfiber cloth and clear file mentioned in this post availible for around 500-700 yen each. The chibi can badge sets can also be ordered for 2040 per set.

I'll be updating later today with screenshots and information from Tri! Stay tuned~
A bonus. Screenshot of one of the Digimon cafes:

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