Sunday, November 22, 2015

11.22.15 - Tri booklet scans

 Some scans of the Tri. theatre booklet are on the internet. These two feature Yamato's design and his harmonica prints (they appear identical to the Adventure ones, for obvious reasons). There may be more info in these but it hasn't been translated yet. I ran it through a translator and got the following:

 Lists Yamato's name and his seiyuu. The paragraph says stuff we've pretty much seen elsewhere. Yamato's enrolled in the class next to Taichi. Yamato seems cool at first glance and gets straight to the point. He has continued his band activities since junior high. His opinions often clash with Taichi. Yamato is in charge of vocals and bass for the band.
 For the harmonica section it reads (more or less): Harmonica: Blues harp fans know from when Yamato was young. Gabumon loves the tone. Yamato plays (well) when he is pensive.

Source: WtW

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