About Yamato Ishida

Here I've compiled together all the information I could. Probably won't help with collecting, but may help with a fanfic or two. Extends through tri..

For music, check out Yamato's band in the submenu!

Throughout the series Yamato has shown a skill for cooking. He taught Taichi how to make omu-rice in the Digital World and in Zero Two is seen cooking for his father on a few occasions. In one of the Otomedia posters he is serving omu-rice to Takeru. In Tri. Episode 1, Yamato is shown cooking on several occasions and berates Taichi for adding too much pepper to his ramen.
To promote Digimon Adventure Tri during the Animate Cafe event, Yamato even had his own dish. Gabumon had a special drink:
The description on the website (translation source) reads: “Yamato’s special garlic chicken fried rice” (garlic fried rice with cubed steak and spring onion): If this cafe were in the US, we totally would’ve called it “crest of friend rice”.
 The description on the website (translation source) reads: “Gabumon: blue curaçao syrup, whitewater drink, whipped cream, cone-shaped chocolate".

Likes: Music, family, friends, cooking
Dislikes: Ohagi (a type of sweets), ironically in an interview for Tri., if having to be a type of sweet, the director suggested "creme brulee".
 Mother: Natsuko / Nancy Takaishi
Father: Hiroaki / Malcolm Ishida
Younger Brother: Takeru / T.K. Takaishi
 Grandmother: Kinu (assumed from Hiroaki's side, she is Japanese)
 Grandfather: Michel (from Natsuko's side, he is French)
Wife: Sora
Children: 2 (Sora-like boy and a Yamato-like girl, unnamed)

Memorial Book Entry:
=Passionate friendship hiding behind a cool face=
5th grader in Odaiba elementary school. He joins the children’s camp with his younger brother Takeru. With his cool personality, he does not make attempts to hang out with anyone other than Takeru, but he is more considerate than anyone by keeping an eye on everyone’s conditions of fatigue and nerves. There are many times when he is the one who prevents Taichi from trying to tackle everything from the front. He can be pretty overprotective of Takeru, and considers it his job to protect Takeru because “he can’t do anything by himself.” During their fight with the Dark Masters, seeing Takeru’s growth causes him to lose footing on his identity, but through his clash with Taichi and his connection with Gabumon, he takes another look at himself and learns the meaning of true friendship: that there are times when you compensate for the weakness of others and vice-versa.

Lost Temple of Matt Ishida: Yeah, this isn't official, but I feel this site was noteworthy as it was THE place for information back in the day. Featured 02 Yamato in Indiana Jones themed sprites and art. Here is the link, which I memorized, but the site is no longer up.

That's just about everything I could find! If you have any information not shared / noted here or I've perhaps missed crediting someone, please let me know so I can update this site! Thank you~

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