Thursday, July 30, 2015

7.30.15 - Omegamon / Omnimon D-Arts "Our War Game" Version / Reminder: MetalGarurumon ODE

A new Yamato related item was revealed. This is a new version of the Omnimon D-Arts, made with "Our War Game" in mind.

 I was really, really hoping for full colors of Taichi and Yamato, but they've opted for translucent color instead. Not a total downside, as blue is my favorite color, and I can still give Yamato the limelight he deserves.

However, this figure is a bit more ($70ish instead of the usual $45 most D-Arts are running, like MetalGarurumon Original Designer's Edition, which is due next month). 

I don't know enough about the two Omnimon D-Arts to compare them, but I hear this one has some minor mold changes. The most fuss I'm hearing is over the cape, which is either cloth (wow) or has several variants you can attach (still, action, ect.).

Either way, I feel, especially if you're like me and didn't get the other versions, that this is worth the pick up. Just be prepared to pay a deputy service when it goes up for pre-order on the Premium Bandai Webshop. (Yep, another in a long line of exclusives.) Maybe we'll get lucky and he will get an Amazon release like the others have in the past?

Source: With the Will / Bokutachi

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