Friday, July 24, 2015

7.24.15 - Site updates + Show Accurate Digivice

Just a few small site updates.
  •  Doujinshi Wish List / Collection pages updated
  • "Other Merchandise" page updated with more can badges and a scrunchie.
  • "Figures and Keychains" page HEAVILY updated with tons of new stuff, including Digi-Colle. 
  • "Flats" page updated with posters/sketchbook.
  • Small adjustments made to the "How to Shop" page.
Also, the Premium Model / Show Accurate Digivice went up for preorder today. I'm still on the fence about getting one. I hear it isn't an LCD game but *theories* imply it may light up based on the show colors, play Brave Heart, ect. I really would like one. The preorder ends in September!

Til next time

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