Saturday, July 18, 2015

7.18.15 - DigiFes merch updates

Before you get excited, nothing super-Yamato related has been revealed, except a new Omnimon / Omegamon figure, labeled "Our War Game Vers." that features a new mold and Taichi and Yamato on the shoulders. We only have a tiny silhoutte as of now. I'm glad I waited on previous versions because I can't wait to display this one from the right side. Yamato/MetalGarurumon, you'll get your time in the sun, buddy.

As far as DigiFes Merch is concerned, there's been some stuff like glowsticks with the logo of the event, but nothing character specific yet. For now, the only new Yamato-related item seems to be the previously mentioned Charatch watch, but then, you have to buy the entire set. I'm hoping to find the blue shell down the road, seperately.

Edit: I take that back. There was a desktop calendar on the webshop that featured all eight kids. Doesn't appear to be any other images in the tiny calendar, so this was a pass for me, too. 

Will update when there's more! Make sure you guys have August 1st marked on those calendars (and bank accounts)!

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