Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7.29.15 - DigiFes 2015 Merchandise UPDATE

Okay, this is the largest update I'll probably make until tri comes out. Prepare your wallets. (Note: I'm only including Yamato-relevant merchandise in this news update as well as only "new" merchandise, as a lot of things were already out.)

Let me start off by saying these are the items already released that will be sold at the DigiFes Event:
Digimon Calendar ($10), 2-Sided Circle Rubber Straps ($5 each), Can Badge Set (the previously Hobby exclusive one w/the shiny variants) ($3 each), the rubber strap set with the Piedmon keychain variants ($5 each), the randomized poster sets ($43 nabs you a set of 8), the clear file set that's been on the website awhile ($30 for the set).

There are also items like shirts, lights, fans, towels ect. featuring the "DigiFes 2015" logo, which I didn't include here. Also, some oddities include a Taichi jacket and a "Tool Box" of some sort. There's other items which feature all the kids/Digimon (including a tri specific clear file), but I don't feel them worthy enough to include on my Yamato specific blog. Here is the link for those interested: http://digimon-adventure.net/fes/goods.html

These are the NEW items being sold at the DigiFes Event:

Digimon Cap (I dubbed it the "Taito" cap) in two variants, here is one of them. It retails for $30.
Digimon Button Set ($7)
Digimon POP Acrylic Standee ($15) - Omegamon/Omnimon also availible. I just don't collect him.
Digimon POP Acrylic Standee ($7 a peice, but unknown if its only sold as a set of 8?)
Yet another can badge. That word is forever ground into my brain. ($5 each)
These appear to be Bromide Cards. This one is actually Takeru-centered, but they only showed Mimi, joe, Takeru, and Hikari.... ? ($5 each)
Acrylic Square Strap ($7)
Acyrlic Pin (?) ($6 each, unknown if only sold in a set)
Acrylic MULTI Standee (No idea why it's multi...) ($15)

Any items not sold out will be "made availible" after the event. I'm guessing like last year, they'll be up on Toei Webshop/PB within fourty-eight hours.

Whew! My exchange rate is a bit high, but I'm estimating (assuming I don't have to spend $40 for sets of eight) I'll be spending just shy of $100 USD (and that's if everything is availible on the webshop... markup on Y!JP sucks. I paid $40 for one can badge last year)!

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