Thursday, September 17, 2015

9.17.15 - News keeps trickling in; more merchandise / interviews

Bokutachi has scans of the newest issue of V-JUMP, which includes an interview with Yoshimasa Hosoya. Unfortunetly, as of this posting, no one has translated them. Taichi and Sora's seiyuu are also in the interview.

In other news, Japanese webshop Animate has new Yamato / Gabumon items up for presale. Apparently the release date is (was?) 9/15/15. Taichi, Yamato, Hikari, and Takeru, along with their rookie Digimon and Digitama forms, appear to be the focus. Altogether my deposit was $29 USD for the following items. Here is a summary of what's availible:

Yamato Ishida Can Badge:
Price: 648 Yen (Appx $5 USD)

Yamato Ishida / Takeru Takaishi Clear File Set of 2:
Price: 756 Yen (Appx $6 USD) Note: I just posted Yamato's here. One of Takeru is also included.

Yamato Ishida Magnet:
Price: 648 Yen (Appx $5 USD)

Gabumon Magnet:
Price: 648 Yen (Appx $5 USD) Note: This may possibly be the cutest Gabumon ever.

Taichi and Yamato Hand Towel / Wash Cloth
Price: 540 Yen (Appx $4 USD)

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  1. SCREAMS!!

    Just got these all ordered. Can't wait!

    AND SERIOUSLY. That Gabumon ;_;