Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9.16.15 - Official Website update adds more news about Tri. and Yamato

Thanks to great-blaster, we have a translation of some more story for Digimon Tri. Nothing Yamato specific, but worth reading.

He/She also translated the character section. Here are the Yamato relevant parts (which, in previous interviews when Yamato's "new" bass was mentioned seemed odd, now make sense):
"Ishida Yamato (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)
A 2nd year who attends Tsukishima General High School. He is in the class next door to Taichi and Sora. Although he looks cold by appearance, he is actually very considerate of his friends and has a fierce personality. His straightforward attitude often causes his opinions to clash with Taichi’s. He continues to play in a band much as he has done in middle school, as both bass and vocals. The “TEEN-AGE WOLVES” have been temporarily disbanded, perhaps due to differences in musical ideas among the band members, so he has recently formed a new band.
Gabumon (CV: Yamaguchi Mayumi) Yamato’s Digimon partner. He wears Garurumon’s fur coat, but he is really the same reptile Digimon as Agumon. His special attack is a small ball of flame, Petit Fire.

Will update with more as we get it!

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