Monday, September 14, 2015

9.14.15 - Tons of merchandise and some Tri. updates

Oh, gosh. So much news as of late! Be prepared for a long post Yamato fans.

First up, let's start with merchandise (considering it's time sensitive).

FINALLY, the DigiFES merchandise was added to Toei's webshop! You've seen my previous posts detailing the Yamato related merchandise: some plastic stands, can badges, and charms. Please note that the can badges are RANDOM buy 1 get 1 randomly, so only order if you like risking your cash. I found one on Y!JP, I'm going to stick it out to find the other. All other Yamato items can be purchases seperately.
You can buy the following items at Toei's Webshop.
No reservation date was given and even as I sent in my order through my deputy, some items were listed as "low stock", so keep in mind these are probably limited stock.

Next up in another web exclusive item. It's not directly Yamato related, but I felt it was worth mentioning. This amazing, large, polyster wall scroll (similar to a poster, but made of cloth), features the "Dragon Eye Lake" scene promotional poster. (I fangirl squealed when they kept the name. This was used in the original Japanese of the series', but to a Western fan it's more of a cool Digimon World reference). But uh, that price tag... Retails for 19940 Yen, around $190 USD.
Even further, we have a new rubber strap set [CharaRIDE]. I ordered mine through AmiAmi for around $40; Toei's Webshop has them also. Most people are saying these are packed in random boxes of 8, but all previous rubber straps were complete sets, so buying is kinda risky. You could always join my Facebook Digimon group (DigimonCollect@Facebook) to trade with others there.

Lastly, we have some tidbits about Tri thanks to the producer of the Tri as well as Taichi's new actor. I've posted the Yamato related ones below. You can read the original translation (by talented Onkei) at these links:
Part 1
Profile Bit: "Ishida Yamato- His love for his friends and his little brother hasn't changed. He still loves music, and he's still earnest about the things that he likes. The proactiveness and matured sides of him that you will chance to see from time to time will have an affect on the story, so please look forward to it."
Other: "On the other hand, Yamato still has the strong sense of justice that he had as a kid, and he’s grown up into the same fierce man who faces the hesitating Taichi and says, “Shouldn’t you be doing it this way?” The changes between the two, or rather, how the two grasp things differently, fits into “Digimon Adventure tri” and made me feel that people don’t always grow up in the same way. That sort of relationship between those two felt nice. "
I'm particularly happy that it seems Yamato and Takeru's relationship will be touched on.

Part 2
More profile: "Ishida Yamato with the Crest of Friendship: 2nd year in high school. He is in the class next door from Taichi and Sora. He forms a new band in high school and plays bass. Of course, he also does vocals."
Question was "If they had a party, who plays which part?": "Ishida Yamato: He’ll be in charge of the live background music with his newly practiced guitar. In the middle, Mimi will join in with the addition of singing and the entertainment heats up! "
Question was "Halloween: What sweet would everyone be?": "Ishida Yamato: I guess this idea is influenced by his French grandfather? Creme brulee. "

Yamato also appears in the new poster for Otomedia this month (as he did last month). Here is the poster and the line art that appears in the this month's issue. Scans credit to DigiPost.

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