Thursday, October 15, 2015

10.15.15 - New magazine poster, tons of Toei webshop merch, GEM re-re-release, Gabumon UFO catcher

Since my internet is spotty, I'm a bit late to update, but hope you all enjoy it anyway.

Let me start by saying I'm leaving out some pretty cute Gabumon-relevant merch, so you may want to search Toei's Webshop and AmiAmi thoroughly.
Toei has more can badges (of course), except this time they are long! I am particularly pleased with this set, because not only is there lots of Yamato, but there's lots of characters represented, including Zero Two variants. The set retails for around $60 USD, but AmiAmi is kind enough to have preorders closer to $40. Thank you, AmiAmi, for rescuing my wallet.

On the bad news side of things, this art is reused for a new set of those damn randomized posters. You remember, the ones where you get 8 out of 16 variants randomly in a box? Ugh. Since Yamato had more than one or two in this set, I ordered 2 sets for around $55 USD, also from AmiAmi.

Also, somehow this sticker slipped through the cracks. It's still on AmiAmi, too, for around $5?

Now, I'd like to mention this cute Gabumon, at least. It's a crane prize, so check Y!JP for him:

Finally, there has been quite a bit of posters going on in various magazines. Here is the new Tri one to be released in Japan's Newtype November 2015 Issue but there are also non-poster related spreads in Animedia and HyperHobby.

Also, before this slips away, Yamato's GEM figure is getting a third release (second re-release). AmiAmi has him here.

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