Sunday, August 9, 2015

8.9.15 - Collection Update

Wanted to share a small collection update. These are two items that were on my wish list for awhile now!
The first is the Blue Digivice Clip. These semitransparent clips were released with the Action Feature line in the US (and as far as I'm aware were never made in Japan). I tried to find out what set these came with as a kid and researched recently to no avail. I found a prototype Patamon that had a blue/teal button model, but never the blue/white. Lo and behold someone puts it up on eBay with a Zudomon figure (YamatoxJyou strikes again). No, this clip wasn't released with Zudomon, either.
Next is a MIB set of the US release of Matt and TK action figures. Not particularly rare but at a decent price so I couldn't pass these up despite owning the regular and TRU variants already. The biggest prize here is probably the sticker. I never see these loose.
My deputy will be paid by the end of September, so I'll be making a larger update then. 

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