Saturday, August 22, 2015

8.22.15 - Collection Update + New Collector Site Added

Hey all. I have a mail post today. First off is the US Matt and TK figures, MIB (well, the bubble was popped but I repaired it). I'm glad to finally add this to my two loose variants of Matt. That karate chop action, yo. Matt's temper in all its glory. My only peeve here is on the sticker inside Matt's hair (well, image) is flipped. The US doesn't find those things important. Sigh.

Next I got these stamps. Not sure where they are from but they use Japanese names and I bought them from an AUS seller. (Koushiros name is notably butchered. Could be a typo).  The seller listed them as (philately?) Cinderella stamps; fantasy based stamps not issued by a government body but still collectible. Pretty cool.
Also of note, I have added a Togemon collector's site to our Links. Give her a check out, its a pretty rad site!

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