Saturday, October 31, 2015

10.31.15 - Halloween update~ tri Blu-Ray details, Yamato FigureArts Zero, exclusive merchandise previewed!

Okay guys. I'm a bit behind on posting, but the merch announced makes up for it! Let me start with the bad news, even if Yamato wouldn't prefer that. There's some limited/exclusive items first up. As you can see, for a Yama collector, this is gonna take some serious tracking-down. They are limited to the Marui Department Store chain. So, keep on eye out on Y!JP for these...

Pill Case - 800 Yen

Bottle Keychain (Gabumon) - 700 Yen
Tri Can Badges - 400 Yen
Tri Pouch (Gabumon) - 1000 Yen
POP Clear Standee (Tri Yamato Vers) - 1000 Yen
Signboards (Note: There are also a few other ones featuring poster art we've already seen) - 640 Yen
(Note 2, according to WtW, these are the groupings: Group 1 will be- Taichi and Agumon, Sora and Piyomon, Yamato and Gabumon, Mimi and Palmon, along with Poster design A and B.
Group 2 will be- Jou and Gomamon, Koushiro and Tentomon, Takery and Patamon, Hikari and Tailmon, along with Poster design C and D.)

Now to the not-limited:

I'm going to make a note of some tri puzzles which you can buy on AmiAmi. The real kicker is the second one (the one I'm linking to) with the Adventure-based tri art, located here.

Next up are these Digi-Butts, as we've fan-named them. Rubber straps with two ends featuring the Rookies. You can get them at AmiAmi (in a set only). Retail is 5054 Yen.

Next up is the tri blu-ray. I'm only covering the Amazon Exclusive Edition as it has the slipcover and cloth poster with all first pressings. It's around 8000 yen ($70 USD appx.) and will be up for order through very early December. You'll need a deputy service and a way to play Region 2 Blu-Rays. There are no english subtitles. 

Can I get to my pride and joy though? This FigureArts Zero figure was announced:

The retail for this line is normally around 2800 yen, but it's unsure if the first pressing only comes with Gabumon or if it will be a little higher for including him, who knows... These are non-posable but pretty detailed. I have a height comparison with the Minato Arisato one from Persona 3 at our Facebook.

That concludes this post! Thanks for reading and good luck collecting!

Credit: AmiAmi ; WiththeWill

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