Sunday, February 8, 2015

2.8.15 - Plush, GEM line update, and ANOTHER can badge set...

Wonfes (Wonder Festival) was today and new images from the GEM lines were shown, which include Punimon, Tsunomon, and Gabumon. The in-trainings will be a set and then Gabumon is sold seperately, each for about $5. 

The large plush we keep seeing but hearing nothing about showed up on Twitter. The size and detail is great but I'm not digging that black line for Gabumon's mouth. I hope it isn't as noticable at other angles... Again, no word on availibility or price.

Also, this is actually old news from the official 15th Twitter, but Hobby Stock announced their own can badge set... It's limited (lottery prize?) I think. I can't find anywhere to order them and there's 2 secrets. My guess is probably WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon judging by the colors... so I'm not looking forward to Y!JP prices on these.

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