Sunday, January 25, 2015

1.25.15 - Return from haitus

Sorry about the long haitus everyone. I was without internet for a good part of the year and in that time they announced tri., a sequel to Digimon Adventure! So, of course, that means lots of merchandise has been pouring out. Here's a quick rundown of the Yamato related items:

  • Can Badge (from Live Event, PB*)
  • Can Badge 2 (PB, only sold in a set)
  • Rubber Straps (2 for Adventure, 1 is a rare variant)
  • Keychain (circular, two-sided with Gabumon)
  • MetalGarurumon S.H. Figurearts Original Designer's Edition
  • Yamato Ishida G.E.M. Figure (REissue, no card is included)
  • Digivice Vers. 15th "Yamato Ishida" Version (slimmer than original, new Digimon included, first run includes a blue Digivice pin)
  • Digimon Tag and Crest (now called Coat of Arms) Vers. 15th (more show-accurate, first run includes the Orange/Blue/Clear Digivice pins previously availible and a Tag pin)
  • Yamato Ishida Keychain Plush (Sega - UFO Catcher prize)
  • Gabumon Plush (little is known)
  • 2 posters in Otomedia Magazine featuring him
It's a lot to take in right? I've managed to snag most of everything, but I expect once tri. is out that things will be more pick-and-choose. Have you all collected anything recently?

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