Guide to Cafe / Theatre Exclusives!

Hey all. With the rush of Animate Cafe and Theatre Screening Exclusives, I thought about making a guide. This is also to help me keep track and maybe help you guys out.
Now, these merchandise can only be obtained in Japan, at special areas, like theatres airing Tri. or shops in places like Ikebukuro. They require a ticket purchase (and let me say, the average movie ticket is about $18!) and sometimes boil down to raffle entry... I've even heard some places sold out of merchandise within the first few days, so there's no garuntee you could get the character you want.
What does all this mean?
You must track these items down on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. If you haven't read my guide, please do. It includes helpful search terms.


 A Taichi/Yamato bookmark.

A coaster.

Randomized gashapon charms.

Adventure themed Yamato can badge

Tri. themed can badge.

Tri. themed clear file.

 Pencil boards. There was also a design that featured the Alphamon/Omegamon poster.

Plastic POP stands. These were also availible at the theatre. *

Tri. themed can badge. I believe this is also availible at theatre screenings. *


*Please note items above marked with an asterisk. They were sold at both locations, to my knowledge.

Exclusive signboard sold during specific weeks of Tri. screenings.

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